White accessories in the Winter.

A lot of people think of white as one of those light colors that can only be worn in the Summer. Well that was almost the general common sense a couple of years ago, but actually today, things have changed. Pastels and light colors were a huge trend, this whole year. There is no such thing as "seperation" of the colors anymore (=light/bright colors in the Summer/Spring and dark colors in the Winter). Anyway, a white bag or a pair of white shoes, white sunglasses or even a white clutch or satchel bag can easily be combined with genuinely winter looks and it can end up with a statement outfit. Don't hesitate to create a black & white look just by wearing a classy total black outfit combined with white accessories. Don't be afraid of white in the Winter, just go for it and you'll see. :D
white sunglasses can be dangerous. you'll either look classy and elegant or maybe ridiculous.
white pums.


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