Old things packed and I'm only left with memories.

Wearing most of my new purchases (that I showed you in my last "haul" post and those Zara loafers-sneakers-plimsolls-kinda-pair of shoes that I bought the other day only for 5,99 Euros) and after a typical morning coffee downtown, I decided to take some pictures of my outfit to show you. At least I wanted to but I forgot, and then I got home and noone was there. I did take the pictures but by myself so, for once again bare with me people. Anyway, it was a lovely day, the sun was shinning and the weather was great and I didn't want to stay inside. The nearest place to be was probably my terrace and that little room there, where lots of memories are "stored". I found so many lovely stuff, some old toys, books, my old bicycle  and lots of other things. Check out the pictures.

I'm wearing..
Leather shorts and Slippers (both new): Zara
Jean shirt: Pull&Bear
Necklace: Gift from my man (I'm never taking it off)
Sunglasses (new): Stradivarius
Varsity Jacket (new): Bershka


New entries

New entries in my closet :D This post will be kinda like a small haul, I haven't done one before so bare with me. Actually I wanted to film a video for this but I'm still "scared" of the camera, so I just took pictures. Check out what I purchased. All of them were on sale, exept for the sunglasses.


Celebs spotted on NYFW.

Anna Kendrick and Emmy Rossum spotted front row together at Carolina Herrera runaway show on Feb. 10, 2014
Tina Fey and Dita Von Teese spotted backstage at the Carolina Herrera fashion show.
David Beckham, Harper, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz spotted front row to support Victoria at her catwalk show on Feb. 9, 2014.


Missguided obsession

Okay, to cut long story short, I'm just stuck with this site. I've seen it everywhere, since lots of bloggers mention it, and I don't really know why I didn't pay that much attention to their referrences, earlier. Two days now, I'm "all over it", I've searched pretty much the whole site and I've found aaamazing stuff and I hope I'll purchase at least some of those. So that would probably be my February wishlist, a Missguided wishlist. Check it out :D <3

1. Edie High Waist Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans
2. Parma Knitted Jumper In Cream
3. Orlanetta Sequin Midi Skirt
4. Aleta Strappy Contrast Sequin Swing Dress
5. Endora Printed Bandeau Playsuit
6. Staccey Premium Sequin Bralet In Black
7. Francesca Mesh Back Bralet In Navy
8. Caerwyn Cage Strappy Crop Top In Burgundy
9. Magrat Flower Print Tassel Kimono
10. Maaria Leather Tee In Black
11. Karita Aztec Sequin Skirt
12. Suzanne Tribal Mini Dress In Navy
13. PEACE + LOVE Sky Leatherette Detail Mini Dress
14. Daira Loose Shift Dress In Navy
15. Ruth Quilted Sweatshirt In Mint
16. Dawn Aztec Hot Pants
17. Lintaie Sequin Embellished Shorts
18. Aleena Lace Plunge Neck Puffball Dress In Cream
19. Barry M Lip Paint In Cranberry Red
20. Leena Bandage Bodycon Dress In Red

Quick thoughts.

Hey guys, it's 5+a.m in the morning and I still have fashion and clothes on my mind (Y) (only because I'm recently obsessed with Missguided and I have to inform you that I just searched the whole site. Things are soo inexpensive and awesome there but anyway, I'll write another post only for Missquided and the things that I found, probably tomorrow.) For now, I'd lke to share some of my recent "obsessions". If you follow me on facebook, you'll probably know. TWO things. 1. Sequins 2. Pastels/lights colours. Is it only me who thinks that pastels can make you relax, make you feel like like a baby or like you're wearing pajamas? I don't know. I love wearing them anyway, since I want my style to be cozy and comfortable and only by having in mind the previous thoughts, I'm happy ^^ Check out some pictures that inspired me <3 <3


White accessories in the Winter.

A lot of people think of white as one of those light colors that can only be worn in the Summer. Well that was almost the general common sense a couple of years ago, but actually today, things have changed. Pastels and light colors were a huge trend, this whole year. There is no such thing as "seperation" of the colors anymore (=light/bright colors in the Summer/Spring and dark colors in the Winter). Anyway, a white bag or a pair of white shoes, white sunglasses or even a white clutch or satchel bag can easily be combined with genuinely winter looks and it can end up with a statement outfit. Don't hesitate to create a black & white look just by wearing a classy total black outfit combined with white accessories. Don't be afraid of white in the Winter, just go for it and you'll see. :D
white sunglasses can be dangerous. you'll either look classy and elegant or maybe ridiculous.
white pums.


CouchPotato-ing much

That day was a lazy day. I was totally free and "off duty" or obviously bored. (you can tell just by watching the following pictures). After going around at home, eating, "couch-potato-ing" and doing that kind of stuff, acting like I have no purpose in life, I decided to go shopping, all by my self, since noone wants to join me in such an "adventure". Nobody can stand me when I'm around clothes, I want my time there, spot some good pieces, think of the ways I could wear them, do combinations, try them on and buyamost nothing in the end (Y) haha :D Anyway I took those pictures after I came back home, take a look of what I wore.
You know what happens when I'm bored at home and left alone with a camera.
I'm wearing..
Bag & Leather Jacket:

Knitted Jacket: Sakis Rouvas Collection from Sprider
Necklace: Gift from my man

Shoes: Timberland alike from Mortoglou (local store)
Disco Pants: Tally Weijl
Scarf: Gap
Erre Due lip pencil, Lasting Contour 64


Finally on Instagram.

Heeello to you my lovely follower or visitor. BIG NEWS (at least for me :D). I always loved that whole idea of Instagram, since I thought I could share a little more stuff about me, my life and my thoughts with the people I love, or people with almost the same interests (which I don't like doing on facebook or other social media). I couldn't create an account because I didn't have an android phone. Anyway, this is my profile, check it out or even follow if you want to. I just created it so I haven't posted a lot of stuff. It will be for sure more often updated than naf blog, so if I'm gone again for a little while and you're worried about me, visit my Instagram account and you'll know the reason. Stay tuned, outfit post is on the way, in a little while. Untiiil then, take care <3