Black and White

Black and white is such a big trend this season. Stripes, statement designs, dots, check or houndstooth patterns and other abstract black and white shapes are pretty much seen at the streets. Loose shirts, mini skirts, beautiful coats or trousers consist a really big part of the racks, the hangers and the shelves of the stores. Black and white isn't only about the clothes. This trend is also seen on accessories.
Let's see some examples. :)
Some beautiful bags.

Awesome shoes, most of which are from Zara's new collection that I adoooore <3 :D
and some other accessories...
Mix and match that trend, with simple clothes in basic colors (gray, black, white) to ease the "volume" of your outfit and make it more minimalistic, or with other patterns and colours to make a statement and fashionable outfit.



The blue bag

Blue could be the new black! Since navy blazers, or electric leather jackets replaced the classic black ones and since LBD has been colored, why wouldn't you replace your classic black bag with a blue one? There are so many shades of the blue colour that you can choose from, regarding your taste or its use, such as navy, baby blue, electric or even snake printed blue. Blue can be chic, trendy or even funky. A blue bag could take your total black look to a whole new other level. It could also make beautiful colorblocking, or be mixed with anything and in the end you could create a girly, a rock/glam, or a chic and classy outfit or whatever you want Take a look!



Disco Girl

From what I've seen and heard and you'll have probably noticed that disco pants/leggings are pretty much in fashion for quite a long time. Well , in this city where I live, there is no way to see any girl wearing those. I'm sure that most of the people -not to say in this whole country, since there are surprisingly beautiful and well-dressed girls with good taste- are soo afraid to wear whatever they like and express themselves, since noone does and if they take the risk, everyone else is looking like they just saw a UFO or something, so stupid and judgemental, especially if your wear shiny disco pants like you've just jumped out of a photoshoot with Bee Gees. How silly and since when taking risks or making a change and being different is a bad thing? Anyway, I'm really stuck with those pants and if I finally make up my mind, I'll buy one of the "easy colours", I mean black or navy that can be mixed and match pretty much with everything, from a simple top or shirt for dressing down, to a bustier or a statement tunics, heels etc. to dress up. I was thinking of  wearing it with some cute sweaters or laced and jean shirts, sipmle tops and cardigans, some Campbell Litas, canvas Vans shoes or loafers or even my shearling boots. You can wear them with everyything, thay are just leggings. There are also some more shiny than others, some with zippers or not, and many many colours. So, you choose regarding your sense of style, considering how you're ganna wear those and what outfits you want to create. Do you have any disco pants and how you wear them? :D <3
There is a huge variety of colours on the market and I've found amazing prices.
Sipmly and effortlessly well-dressed <3
Of course adding the right accessories you can rock your outfit or make it
girly or anything you want.



Valentine's Day

Just an other typical Thursday, just an other day of 2013. NO! Not for the lovers, not for those in love, or those who find it as an opportunity to share their feelings and love with someone special. Not for the florists, the patisseries, the jewellery shops or any other store that includes cute / fluffy / wanna-bite-or-strangle / soft / lovely teddy bears or pillows saying "I love you", or anything heart-shaped, and generally anything associated with roses or choclate and red colour. I don't really believe in this day, actually my opinion is pretty controversial. If you really love someone you shouldn't wait that day to show them, it's just one day of the year. Why can't we share our feelings everyday? It's so much better to buy a present or give something valuable and special for you to someone and totally surprise them, on an unexpected day rather than buy something that day. It's so predictable. I don't like this, especially those last few years that it's only about particular big companies earning money. Anyway, we can still see it from an other point of view. You can still buy a little something just because it's an annual worldwide celebration, or simply do something different that will bring you and your dear together :) (make dinner at home / have dinner at a restaurant / have a picnic / stay at home watch movies and play around...) So, this year on Valentine's Day, .KK.* and I had dinner at a local restaurant. It was AWESSSOMEEE, so beautiful, since he hadn't seen each other on a couple of days and we were soo pleased to finally meet and had so much to tell, share some news, laugh our heads off, gossip, tease each other, "make fun of" other people around us (outfits and hair) (y) eeeverytime doing this-like we are the best or something xD haha anyway.. but seriouslllyy it was like they were daring and provoking you for commenting..  :O we saw outfits for the red carpet, for the gym, for the royal wedding, some pink PINK piiink for Barbie's new movie, while the waitresses were suffering from some silly hats and decorations on their head  and uniform falling at every step, and all that in the same restaurant. haha Pretty awesome, hah? :) The only thing that I can reassure you is that nothing was left unsaid.
Well .. the scene was set .. the moon in position as the only spotlight .. and we, left under its light, taking the leading roles, starring at our own fairytale.
You're my special :) <3

Even the bread was heart-shaped!! O.o -.^ now, REEEAALLY ?
the BREAD? haha
 OH! Also we ordered grilled chicken with mustard and carbonara. I was afraid of coming up against a heart-shaped chicken  ..
And after finishing the dinner and joking around there was that..
ironic, maybe lame but sweet if it happens to you




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snake & leopard on the same team

Another lazy Sunday, a little different from the others though. This time, I had to jump out of my pajamas and leave my "boredom-at-its-finest" mood at home. Finally, I was going to meet up with my beautiful .KK.* after a long period of time. Lately, he's been pretty busy with some important exams, actually he will keep being busy until May or June. Regarding his degrees, these exams will clarify the universities, from which  he can opt to attend the upcoming September. Let's hope for the best<3. Anyway, due to this situation, we don't really see each other but by the time we get together, we catch up and have a greeaat great time :) I love spending time with him, since he is the one who can make me feel better, smile or even sometimes make me laugh my heart out, when having a bad day, only by the first few minutes of our meeting. :D<3 Oh today also, I didn't take the bus, I walked downtown since it's only 15-20 minutes on foot from my house and apart form that *my summer body is in progress* YEAH that's right people. Anyway, this is what I wore this afternoon! :D

I'm wearing..
Shoes, Trousers and Bag: Zara
Sweater : Nasty Gal

.KK.'s Cardigan
: from a local store called 'La Pupa' 
Accessories: Accessorize




Another ..interesting night :D! Some dear friends and I enjoyed Saturday night at a typical Greek tavern/restaurant downtown, called 50-50. The atmosphere was amazing, the place cozy -making you feel comfortable- and the music just perfect for me and my company. We talked, we laughed, we drunk, we ate, we drunk, we ate..we drunk ...we ate... vooiilaaa STUFFED again and dizzy again!! (that happens a lot lately-.-)!! Anyway, we sang and danced all night long, even though we ate like we were starving for years!! I had never felt this way before. So much wine and food and water and whatever-edible-got-that-night in my system, trying hardly to be fucking digested, while I was jumping around like a retarded seal/"dancing" with a permanent stupid smile on my face, trying to sing favourite Greek hits, and trying to breathe, since I wasn't able to do all those stuff at the same time, at that particular moment (end of the sentence) (Y). I have a couple of  pictures that were taken with my camera which later closed because it had no battery and the rest of the pictures are from an other girl's camera, so I won't be able to show you the rest of the night. In all of the pictures I'm with E* and they're taken while we were waiting for the food to come. Take a look of the collage that I made.

Here we are