When stars go to Starbucks

Here is another one of those last days with my lovlies. Where else would have been better than Starbucks? Going there with my best girls is one of my favourite things to do, it always feels like home there and everytime I have that same feeling. I'm about to go in. Cute music in the backround, whispers all around and suddently I'm happy. Only by the thought of chocolate, whipped cream and that kind of waffles that I'm craaving for the whole way there, are some of the "incentives" of choosing that lovely coffee shop.


As long as you're here.

I don't know what's with that lately, but I'm "adding facial hair" to my pictures all the time. Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious? -Probably
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For once again, this beautiful lady R*, took my pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in about three months from now. I'll miss you. Thaank you and looove you my lovely ginger-head.
I'm wearing..
Jeggings: Bershka
Oxford shoes and Lace top: Oysho
Necklace: Gift from my man (I'm never taking it off)
Belt and Bag: Zara


"Family" dinner.

We're almost everyday together for so many hours and we're never getting bored of each other. Inside jokes, stories, teasing and that bond between us, are some things that I enjoy the most about it. That's my friends, my second family. Well, last Monday was the perfect day to visit R's* cottage. It's the perfect place to be. A cute little lovely home, with a huge garden, so many trees and flowers, 2 dogs and all that not even 50 meters by the sea. My description is not even realistic. Imagine what I've said, only that it's 3 times better. Tommorrow we'll visit R* again since it's her name day and birthday and I'll take pictures just to show you its awesomeness (if that's even a word). Anyway, 2 cars, 12 people. We stopped by the market, got supplies and we were off to the cottage. And then all the magic happend. Delicious food, lovely company, good music and lots of laughing, well that's happiness my friend :D Until my neext post, you knowww I loveee you!!


Carried away with the prints.

One of those sunny days in my hometown again. I can't help it but love the idea of meeting up with my favourite people, enjoy our coffee, talking about everything for so many hours and all that, of course under that burning midday sun. So that's pretty much the spirit in the following pictures that my friend D* took for me. I hope you like them and for God's sake pleaase ignore my face. Until my next post, take care and I loove you

I'm wearing
Sunglasses: Stradivarius
Sneakers and Crop top: Zara
Necklace: Gift from my man (I'm never taking it off)
Backpack: Accessories
  Jeans and Varsity jacket: Bershka


Long hair, don't care, they say.

Last Summer was one of my favourites. I met new people, I went out a lot, I felt more comfortable with my self, became more confident and more independent. I cut my hair short for the first time, on the 3d of May 2010. Everyone was shocked but then they loved it, as much as I did. So that was my haircut for those last 3 years of my life until last year when I decided to let them grow, and I did so. Everyone was telling me to go cut them again but then again, when they grew to that level o the pictures above, they loved it. I knowww what I'm dooing 'daah', until last October when I cut them again. Whaaaaat was I thinking , why did I cut them, I didn't waant to. Anyway, now, 5 months later I'm letting them grow again, but I'll probably put some clip extensions in a little while, I can't wait again that long, I don't know, we'll see :)