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New entries in my closet :D This post will be kinda like a small haul, I haven't done one before so bare with me. Actually I wanted to film a video for this but I'm still "scared" of the camera, so I just took pictures. Check out what I purchased. All of them were on sale, exept for the sunglasses.
I craved for sequins for a long time. I'd seen those shorts from Stradivarius, but I wasn't sure. That was the last pair left and it was only 5.99 Euros (I had to make them mine) I 'm not sure yet, about how I'll style them but we'll see. In Stradivarius also, I found that chunky necklace on the top with some gold and silver details, only for 2.99 Euros and that grey sweater for 5.99Euros, which is soo soft and has such a great quality comparing to the price that I purchased it. So happy with these. From Stradivarius also are those sunglasses. I wanted round sunglasses since Summer, and I found some similar with these at ASOS but I didn't manage to purchase them in time so I lost that chance, and then I found thoses in Stradivarius, I don't know about the quality of their lenses but I'm pretty satisfied with their whole quality which is great for their price(only 9.99Euros). Those leather shorts now, I'd seen those since they were "New Collection" and I was obsessed but I thought I would find similar to these with a lower price. Well, I didn't. But then they were on sale :D So excited. I went to Zara but I didn't have money with me at that moment so I left and I would came back the other day. I went the other day and was 3 sizes left too small or too big (Noooo -.-). AAaaanyway, it's almost a month now and I went yesterday. I saw this from far away. Only one left. My size (:Otry not to scream, takee it and ruuun ~I thought~ ^^ felt blessed haha :D). That baseball jacket is from Bershka, I bought it only for 9,99Euros (always wanted one of thoses, thay seem cool and you can wear them with everything). Those 2 chunky necklaces are from ebay, the one is silver and the other one gold. They are pretty light and their quality isn't that good, especially the gold one seems overly fake, but I didn't have bigger expectations since they were  1,25 Euros each one, they are okay. :)
Happenind now. It's #selfie #time. I'm now cleaning up the mess of my room. As you can see from my desk, I've got to go. And then, me, my sister and 2 other friends are going to have dinner at a restaurant downtown. Until my next post, take caree <3


  1. Mε γεια σου!!Είναι όλα πολύ τέλεια!!!Αυτό το τζάκετ που το βρήκες τόσο φτηνά??Πήγα και γω το προηγούμενο Σάββατο και το χε νομίζω..20..15??Λες να το έβαλαν φτηνότερα!Το θέλω!! :P

  2. Ευχαριστώ και ναι είναι τέλειο, ήδη το έχω φορέσει πολύ. Κοίτα, γινότανε χαμός στο Bershka και το πέτυχα τυχαία σε μια τεράστιαα στοιβα με ρούχα, δεν ξέρω τώρα να σου πω άμα διαφέρουν οι τιμές, αφού και εγώ το έχω πάρει 1,5-2 βδομάδες τώρα.

    1. πφφφ θα πάω να ξαναδώ!!Μπας και το πετυχω!!(και το πουλοβεράκι αυτό!!χιχι!)

  3. Great Haul items! :) Would you like to follow each other? If you decide to, please follow me and leave me a comment so that I can follow you right back :)


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