Hurry up and grow fast.

I'm soo happy with my hair. Last time I cut my pixie haircut was in June and now 5 months later I have a long bob haircut :3 I took my stupid face some pictures for you to see for yourself. :D <3


Summer throwback.

Back in September, me and my bestie R* took some pictures again, one day before leaving for the city she studies. Without make up or hair-done, just a kimono and some bobby pins were needed. I hope you enjoy :) <3


Am I jean-ious yet?

Bored + home alone = terrible combination. This is the result.. too many stupid faces and photos for no reason that will just cover a significant space of my phone's memory card. I've never told anyone before I think everyone secretly knows that I'm not deleting any picture, even if it's blurry or shaky, I just can't. I keep it all and that means disaster. Anyway I shouldn't be left alone with a camera and that was a quick little something just  to keep in touch with my blog! Have a beautiful day guys! 


Outfit of the bored.


Casual & Sporty.

Well here I am in my favourite bakery, for a coffee and little sweets with my little gang. I wore my high waisted boyfriend jeans from Zara with a simple grey crop top from Zara again (which was a turtleneck top and I cut it out). On top of it, I  wore my varsity jacket from Bershka and kept my floral backpack from Accessorize. I picked my new flatform sneakers from Luigi Footwear to complete the look and be comfortable and all day long. Enjoy!