First DIY shorts.

 I'm extreeemely excited since today I finished my first handmade cloth. Some days ago, my aunt gave to me some fabrics that she wouldn't need or use and I thought that this would be a great chance to start start sewing some real clothing properly. Anyway, I decided to sew a pair of high waisted shorts, so I took my measurments and  my tools, searched all around the internet to find any sewing technic that I coud use by hand (since I haven't any sewing machine.. YET :3 ) and that's it. It's not made professionally or perfect but at least it looks like a pair of shorts and only by this fact I'm supersuperSUPER happy :D  voilà <3

P.S I'm wearing my shorts with my Frederick's of Hollywood bustier from eBay and my Zara belt and sorry for the quality of the pictures once again.



It's beautiful out there.

Some days ago my family and I visited my grandparents in our village, at the countryside. I haven't been there for so long, so I was really excited. Our home is amazing at least for my taste :D. I love the little yard that we have there which is full of plants and colorful flowers, but I loved that one, that was a kind those ivy plants and it was all over the walls. Check out a couple of pictures that I took. :)

I'm wearing..
Pants, T-Shirt and Shoes: Zara
Jean Vest: Bershka
Necklace: gift from my man

Today came with some changes..

Today I went downtown for some window shopping. Of course I stopped by the local store of Zara and found amazing things for once agaaain (btw I came to the conclusion that it's probably one of my favorite stores to shop, since most of my clothes are from Zara  and I loove everything in there). Some cute high-waisted shorts and a really cool pair of plimsolls caught my eye, but generally everything was amazing.There were so many colors and patterns, just perfect for me and my summer wardrobe. Anyway when I got home a sudden wave of boredom hit me but unfortunately for my laptop and you my lovelies, web camera was there for me, so I took  hundreds of pictures again (every time that I'm left with a camera, this happens). Btw I changed the decoration a little bit and for once again the title of this poor blog and named it ..Not another Flog.. (aka Fashion + Blog = Flog) yeah genius, I know haha :D <3 Take a look of my outfit for today.

I'm wearing..
Shorts: Zara
Frederick's of Hollywood, from eBay
Jean Vest: Bershka
Earrings: Accessorize
 gift from my man (.KK.)



Every day is a Summer day.

Everyday is a sunny day here in Greece. Although, summer isn't officialy here, most of the peope have already taken the chance to go to the beach and "taste" a little bit of what summer tastes. :D And so did my friend and I, during the Easter holidays. We went to a local beach which is a little bit more distant and clean from the others. It was awesome, the water was pretty cold but the sun was amazing. Anyway for once again, as a "tan freak", the target is to be as tanned as I can and of course more tanned than last year and more tanned than eveer and generally tanned. I haven't really bought any sunscreen or other creams for protecting my self from the sun. The only thing that I was concerned to buy (since I crave for it since last summer) was one of those Carroten goodies (this one) which looks like marmalade or merenda or something like that, just a little bit more solid (don't judge me I compare everything with chocolate), which is an intense exotic tanning gel as it says. I haven't tried it yet but we'll see. Last year I got the gold shimmer tanning gel from the same line and I was really pleased with it, so I wanted to try and the rest of them. Anyway, take a look of some pictures at the beach.
Thiiiiis giiiirl is on fiiiiiiiireeeeee
oh hello world
Converced legs



Gym-mo-maniac alert

Although the sun is shining like it's Summer all year in Greece, the "official" Summer is almost one month away and everyone is panicking. OH! please PANIC, I say to myself every once in a while since I am one of those who feel like a jelly fish all the way but do nothing because everyone else is comforting them just by saying, "oh stop it you, you look fine", "oh look at me or her or  him they're in a much worse condition and do nothing", "eat something you're gonna be skinny or have anorexia" and stuff like that but HEY~ it's always gonna be someone better or someone worse than you. Everyone knows themselves and should do what's best for them or what makes them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own body. And since when eating healthy food and being energetic instead of a couch potato, is bad and is going to cause eating disordes. That's so harsh to say. Anorexia is a really bad condiotion that has been occured from a long abcense of anything eatable and so many other severe factors. Many peope are struggling to get out of this situation and finally recover, while others don't even make it. Well, I've lost almost 18-19 lbs (8-9kg) in 2 years. Two years is such a long time for losing such a small amount of lbs, totally in a healthy way. And I've been told that thing about being skinny and having anorexia (even if it's for a joke, which is not) a lot of times recently. AAAnyway now, I'm 1,69m and 123 lbs and as I know I have a healthy weight but I really want to get a toned body for summer (who doesn't), to make that little jelly in my stomach and the love handles go awaaay foreveeeer. So I searched all around the internet and found some inspiration, to keep me moving and not quiting :D . My super  summer body is officially in progress and noone is gonna stop me from achieving this. Also instead of saving some inspiring pictures on my computer I posted them on a tumlbr page, to watch them everyday and who knows, I may inspire other people to start their trial, too. I had created that tumblr page a while ago to post pictures associated with fashion and style and beauty and that kind of stuff but I posted nothing since I decided to create this blog. But I had a title and it was ~till u drop~ ( I meant shop till you drop) but now i left it as it is since I found it perfect for my fitspiration blog (aka. train as hard as you can, it'll pay off later and that pain will have a beautifu gain).
 So that's my tumblr page, visit if you want, I hope it helps you and inspires you as much as it helps me. :D If you're in the same situation, DON'T GIVE UP and wish you the beeest. <3
Let's hit that GYM

Do it like Dita and the others ..

Retro fashion is a clothing style which reminds you of the past. Some vintage accessories and clothes that bring back memories of one or two or even more decades back in time. Many people who "support" this style tend to use those vintage pieces in combination with current clothing and fashion trends to make it more "up to date". High-waisted pants, skirts and generally anyhting that highlights a woman's thin waist and long legs, or dresses, outerwears, cropped pants and skirts that reach on top of the knee or below it, headbands, pearls and other accessories like hats, are some of the retro style characteristics. Of course you'll know it's not only the outfit. Makeup and hairstyling is also pretty important for the retro-fashionistas. Those heavily-lined eyes and tha bright red lips, or those ponytais and these different pompadours are quite memorable. By the way, some of the celebrities that beautifully represent that style is of course Dita Von Teese, Taylor Swift, Eva Mendes, maybe Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel and so many other ordinary girls. :)

 lovely Zooey Deschanel :D

Beautiful Diane Kruger
Katy Perry
amazing retro style from Eva Mendes
an other great "supporter" of the retro style, Taylor Swift.

retro catwalk..
A M A Z I N G Keira Knightley
also Lana del Rey
Beautiful items to create this look. Take some ideas :D

So, what do you think of it? Have you tried it? Would you try it for once or even adjust it to your personal style?