Quick thoughts.

Hey guys, it's 5+a.m in the morning and I still have fashion and clothes on my mind (Y) (only because I'm recently obsessed with Missguided and I have to inform you that I just searched the whole site. Things are soo inexpensive and awesome there but anyway, I'll write another post only for Missquided and the things that I found, probably tomorrow.) For now, I'd lke to share some of my recent "obsessions". If you follow me on facebook, you'll probably know. TWO things. 1. Sequins 2. Pastels/lights colours. Is it only me who thinks that pastels can make you relax, make you feel like like a baby or like you're wearing pajamas? I don't know. I love wearing them anyway, since I want my style to be cozy and comfortable and only by having in mind the previous thoughts, I'm happy ^^ Check out some pictures that inspired me <3 <3


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