Hurry up and grow fast.

I'm soo happy with my hair. Last time I cut my pixie haircut was in June and now 5 months later I have a long bob haircut :3 I took my stupid face some pictures for you to see for yourself. :D <3


Summer throwback.

Back in September, me and my bestie R* took some pictures again, one day before leaving for the city she studies. Without make up or hair-done, just a kimono and some bobby pins were needed. I hope you enjoy :) <3


Am I jean-ious yet?

Bored + home alone = terrible combination. This is the result.. too many stupid faces and photos for no reason that will just cover a significant space of my phone's memory card. I've never told anyone before I think everyone secretly knows that I'm not deleting any picture, even if it's blurry or shaky, I just can't. I keep it all and that means disaster. Anyway I shouldn't be left alone with a camera and that was a quick little something just  to keep in touch with my blog! Have a beautiful day guys! 


Outfit of the bored.


Casual & Sporty.

Well here I am in my favourite bakery, for a coffee and little sweets with my little gang. I wore my high waisted boyfriend jeans from Zara with a simple grey crop top from Zara again (which was a turtleneck top and I cut it out). On top of it, I  wore my varsity jacket from Bershka and kept my floral backpack from Accessorize. I picked my new flatform sneakers from Luigi Footwear to complete the look and be comfortable and all day long. Enjoy!


#PayAttention #sadtruedeepwords.

I guess our parents stayed together simply because they didn't have 7,000 other people following or liking their pictures at their disposal, when their marriage or relationshiop got hard. Nowadays.. When our relationship hits the rocks, we can just log on and literally get high off this false sense of security and appreciation. We value our worth based on comments and inbox messages filled with colorful words, that have absolutely no depth.. Meanwhile.... The person who loves you with absolutely no "Filter" on your face, becomes an option and the rest of the world, who only see what you want them to see, becomes your priority.. Don't lose what is REAL chasing behind what Appeals..
 - @kentjonesofficial


Big & Bold.

They can make your look more intense. Of course I'm talking about eyebrows. It may seem impossible, but bold eyebrows are great for Autumn. Your eyes look wild as the eyebrows are highlighted. Choose them for a wild make-up look or even a natural/flawless one.
  • Give them a nice shape.
  • You need to find an eye shadow or an eyeliner that matches the shade of your hair.
  • Cover up all the natural gaps that all eyebrows have and finally..
  • .."comb" them nicely as you want or even upwords.

In any case, forget small, right-shaped eyebrows and prefer natural and big ones.

Hot & Fun.

This post would be more enjoyable to read by listening to this song:
Since Chanel presented the most fun and innovative fashion show for Fall/Winter 2014/2015, several other well-known fashion houses such as Moschino, Anya Hindmarch and Manish Arora have been  inspired. Funny details and vivid colors which are "mixed" together with the most funky and unique way, are ruling that seasons catwalks. Extreme, spectacular and ready to catch the eye of the fashion fanatics!
P.S. I'd never thought that Spongebob Squarepants would be ever seen on catwalks, but Moschino just went out of control this season and I loved it. Ttems, logos and characters which are part of most people's everyday lives, and are loved by every age from all around the world are now transformed to total hot fashion items.
Lots of colors and fantasy from Manish Arora
Fun logos that remind us of big worldwide fast food companies.
Spongebob Squarepants ruling on the catwalk!
Pop corn and Chocolate by Moschino.