CouchPotato-ing much

That day was a lazy day. I was totally free and "off duty" or obviously bored. (you can tell just by watching the following pictures). After going around at home, eating, "couch-potato-ing" and doing that kind of stuff, acting like I have no purpose in life, I decided to go shopping, all by my self, since noone wants to join me in such an "adventure". Nobody can stand me when I'm around clothes, I want my time there, spot some good pieces, think of the ways I could wear them, do combinations, try them on and buyamost nothing in the end (Y) haha :D Anyway I took those pictures after I came back home, take a look of what I wore.
You know what happens when I'm bored at home and left alone with a camera.
I'm wearing..
Bag & Leather Jacket:

Knitted Jacket: Sakis Rouvas Collection from Sprider
Necklace: Gift from my man

Shoes: Timberland alike from Mortoglou (local store)
Disco Pants: Tally Weijl
Scarf: Gap
Erre Due lip pencil, Lasting Contour 64


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