Sneak Peek - Creations

Hey guys, I took some goofy pictures of me in front of the mirror just to show you some of my latest creations. I wanted to show them to you as I wear them on a day/night out but I couldn't wait to do all those OOTDs. The quality of the pictures is not so good, since I took them with my cell phone but aanyway, take a look. Hope you like them :)

1. Black leather pencil skirt
2. Navy pencil dress with deep "V" neck.
3. Baby pink chiffon shirt.
Currently I'm working on some other clothes. Check them out down below. I hope you like them :D
1. Grey-dark green Blazer coat.
2. Baby blue pencil skirt.
3. Grey pencil skirt.
4. Navy velvet skater skirt.
5. Placing some sparkling details on my grandma's black skirt
6. Purple loose high waisted pants.
7. Black leather skater skirt for V*.


January wishlist

January is almost over but my wishlist wasn't over. I did some window shopping, and since sales are on, I have to buy some basic stuff, that I don't have. Check out my picks :)
1. Disco Pants from Tally Weijl

1. I find those pants pretty cool and I was craaving one almost one year now, so I had to make it mine. It's already in my wordrobe and I got so excited since I took it only for 10 Euros. :D
2. I loved its quality and color, soo soft and vivid <3 10 Euros for that, too.
3. I don't have a simple basic blaxk crop top and I found that at Stradvarius only for 4 Euros, so why not?
4. I'd seen a blazer like that at Zara last year for 50 Euros and I didn't take it, I prefered to take a clasic leather jacket instead (50Euros too). I wanted both but didn't have the money, so I chose the leather jacket. I was soo mad for not taking that blazer, it was exactly what I had in mind , a little bit loose and comfortable, just like a boyfriend blazer. I was searching one like that for a long time since most stores have that kind of blazers that are closer to the body especially in the waist area, I find those too formal and maybe lawyer-ish. Anyway, now I found that one at Stradivarius, pretty loose, so I can wear it everyday. Let's hope I get that one.
5. I'm wearing that lip pencil on my "Insanity Overload" post, it was my friend's and I just tried it on. I got so many compliments on that, so I decided to take it.
6. Anoother thing that I'm craving since Summer is Flatform Trainers, (and if I couldn't find any, maybe plimsolls or Vans would be good, too). And I found those at ASOS, soooo excited, it's exactly what I want :D. Let's hope I get that, too.
7. I was goind around like crazy to find a sequin top to wear for New Year's Eve and I could find any. But now, spotted at Zara, I'm have to make that piece of glam, miine.
8. I would say a white knitwear is basic. I don't have one, and I found lots at Stradivarius, so why not? They all cost from 10 to 20 Euros. That one for 16 Euros would work for me.
Leeet's hope I find some money and purchase some of those goodies, before they're sold out. So thaa'ts my January craving wishlist. Until my next post, taaake caree and smiilee :)


Liebster award.

Soo excited for my nomination  for the Liebster award. I didn't even know that there was such a thing. Anyway, I'm pretty much blogging for 4 years but not that often, so I don't really have lots of followers. This fact helped, since only blogs with less than 200 followers have the opportunity to be nominated. Let me explain. Well, every blogger who has been nominated for that award is given 11 question to answer from the person who nominated them. In return they nominate blogs and then also give them their own 11 questions to answer. All this situation serves as a form of promotion, exposure for the bloggers and their small blogs have the chance to grow and be known. Are you ready? Check out my answers to FASHION FREEDOM's questions.


Insanity overload

I occasionally do things like that but this time I thougt, who does those things(?) and yes we are insane. Me and my other four best girls had nothing planned for Friday. That same day, D* got her driving licence and since she had her birthday some days later, she decided to invite us home to celebrate. We talked, we ate, we sang, we took pictures, another girl came over, we played Trivial Persuit and time was running, until we decided to meet up with some other friends in a local club in the center of the city at around 4a.m. Two of the girls had planned to go shopping on Saturday morning and as we left the club at around 6a.m, we all decided to stay downtown, waiting for the stores to open at 9a.m. We sat in a 24/7 cafe, ate, drunk our coffee, laughed so much but then again we enjoyed the silence of the city as well. As the sun was rising and that natural light was soo beautiful, I went a walk with R* and she took some pictures of me, again with that stupid 5MPcamera of my mobile phone. Time had passed, the stores had opened and we were about to do what we were waiting for those last few hours. Sales were on, we all tried on a lot of clothes and finally got back home and slept at around 1p.m. I also found some great pieces that I hope I'll manage to purchase. (I will show you in a future post with January's wishlist)
D*'s home
Me and my girls.
Some more friends.
This beautiful city.
Last picture : Gorgeous as always.
Awkward face but I couldn't help it, love the background.
Thaanks to myyy favourite ginger girl, my photographer. That was probably the first time I had that feeling of being a blogger and posing and thinking about the background and the light and all those factors that should be in mind in order to take a good picture. Youu helped me on thaat. I enjoyed that whole "process" soo much and all that gave me inspiratioon and courage, not to give up on that poor blog and to carry on posting more often and doing more OOTD posts. Miss you already και τα λέμε όταν ανέβω, αν ποτέ ανέβω, αν ποτέ βρώ δουλειά ή λεφτά ή ίσως κερδίσω κάπου, κάτι. νναι ^^ <3
I'm wearing..
Grey t-shirt, military shirt & black leather jacket:

Black fur vest: designed & sewed by me
Necklace: Gift from my manClutch bag: Stradivarius
Shoes: Timberland alike from Mortoglou (local store)
Over the knee Socks: Tally Weijl
Watch: Belibasakis (local store)
D*'s Lip pencil by MAC #Nightmoth.

Oh and if you like any of my handmade clothes like the fur est in this post, you can contact me, since I'm trying to create -in some way- an online store, but that will happen in the future :)  Maybe next year, anayway you'll know it. Now I'm just swing with orders, if anyone who knows my job, asks me to. :D

Christmas is all around.

Heyy everybody, I left you wondering in the end of my last post about what's in that box and most of you guessed right. It's the Chriistmaas tree and the rest of the decorations. It's probably too late, but I really want to show you how festive and awesome is our home those blessing days, I love it. :D But first, I want to wish you each and one of you a HAAAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a lots of shots of health, happiness, laugh, love, new experiences, new people or anything else that could make you smile. :) Oh and as this is my first post of 2014, I must inform you that in my resolutions list of 2014 is including "blogging more". I allowed myself to start from the very beginning, since I don't want to give promises that I can't keep. I said I will blog AT LEAST once a week, and that's soo rediculous and in contrast with my head, since I want to blog 4 or 5 times every week. Anyway, we will all see how that will go. Soo, take a look of the pictures. Btw I took them with my 5MP mobile phone camera and eeveryy picture which is about to be posted on this blog will be with that camera, until I get a proper one. What kind of blogger am I, without even a camera? Doon't ask.
Traditional Greek recipes for Christmas, Melomakarona and Kourabiedes.
Quick view of the Dining Room.
Some other spots of home :)