Crazy day today!

Having this crazy lust for "refreshing" my closet  lately, and bringing up to the surface old clothes *for little changes so that they can be worn again*, is probably my latest, most interesting and fun occupation of them all. So this morning i went downtown with a friend of mine D*, returned a pair of shoes from Zara and bought some shearling boots  from an other shop, bought some beauty products, and little spikes to put on my shorts that i made myself, visited the biggest store of  toys, decoretions and other stuff in town for Christmas shopping, but the most beautiful moment of this tiring and long but awesome day was when finally i got home while a hot apple pie was waiting for me on the table :') <3

So this is what i wore today :)
New booties that i wore right away
Beauty queen :D haha
huge Zara bag.
Oh, and at the end of the day you bloggers may meet this guy..
..say HELLO to .KK.* :D

I'm wearing..
Scarf: Gap

from a local store called Karidis
Trousers and Bag: Zara

Sweater and Leather Jacket: Bershka


Early Christmas

Dear Bloggers,
Every year, as soon as November arrives, people start having thoughts of Christmas, but this year
*at least in the city where i live*, everyone's home is already decorated with bright lights, trees, little Santas, elves and deers. Christmas is my best holiday season but really, we're almost one month away. Anyway, i saw this picture and found it pretty funny since it totally described my thoughts (until yesterday), when at some point I was like ..
"isn't that a little too early, people?
.. but then again, Christmas spirit  can hit you out of the blue in no time, I reassure you. Well, mom is busy with her job, dad isn't that much of a decorating type person and my big sister is a kind of miss unavailable. Noone really cares, *i thought*. So, nothing could stop me, I couldn't just sit there and watch everyone else decorating their home, so I went up to our loft and brought my little Christmas tree, some lights, cute ornaments and other stuff and decorated my room until, those 3 people in this house decide to feel that Christmas' magic. Did i do wrong? Did i have to wait for them? We still get to decorate the rest of the house and the big tree together :D 
With Love,
an indignant Christmas lover

So this is what my little christmas tree looks afterall :D
Christmas decoration, accompanied by my favourite awesome cup (from starbucks) filled with hot chocolate and some beautiful flowers from .KK.*, what else can i ask for, this is great for me. Well, adding some lovely friends and family, a wonderful romantic movie, a beautiful book or even music would make the whole atmosphere just PERFECT.  MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS to you all!



These goods are made for shopping ...

Here we are again!
I'm soo sorry for another long absence but lately i was busy enough with sketching, university and planning decoration and stuff for my new room
(as i call it my nest or hole, haha you'll see it when it's ready, it's litteraly a hole but perfect for me)! Well all this time , I've purchased a huge amount of stuff (clothes, shoes, beauty products) but I really have a looong way to go since I need to "refresh" (idk what word should i use , yaay ) my wardrobe. I'm sure you all know that this year military style is everywhere. So, pretty "essential" would be a military shirt and of course a pair of biker boots ~ the spiked-er the better~. This last month, I have this obsession with animal prints, so a pair of leopard sneakers whould work perfectly for me. And now, aaabra catabraa, everlasting desire you may come true -> Jeffrey Campbell, GOOSH, I need these suede taupe beauties. Also, a brand new pair of black elegant high heels would'nt  be bad next my future black wedge sneakers ^^. In addition, approximately one month ago, I visited

and more specifically the H&M store there, and i saw a girl wearing this colour of ugg boots, this awesome, sweet light blue. From this time and on I'm stuck with them. Not to bore you even more, a huge black bag, especially this one from Zara that catched my eye or any other similar would be great for my needs and taste. Also a pair of black leather leggings, which can be mixed up with pretty much everything would be a great thing to invest on. And last but not least, I want this white loose peplum lace type of thing.

okey, how many times did i say "a pair of"? xD anyway, sorry if I bored you with all that stuff, since most of the times I'm just so bored, too to read the whole text and I'm just watching the pictures, to be honest. So, thank you for reading and HAVE A NICE WEEK!