Facebook Page Updated.

Hey beautiful people and sorry for my long absence (once again). I just want to give a quick shout-out to my facebook page that has been recently updated. It's not exactly a typical fb page of a blog, since I barely post a thing about my blog. Over there, you'll find anything associated with fashion, street style, outfit ideas, everyday experiencies, tips, D.I.Y or even food and pretty much everything that's on my mind. I don't like to post something incomplete or post anything just to say that I didn't forget my blog. That's the reason why I made this facebook page, in which I post random stuff everytime I have a little break. Check it out, like if you want, or even share some love through beautiful words. I'm reaally really trying my best to be "loyal" to NAF but I have so many stuff running through my mind those last days and I hate excuses so let's move on. If you suddenly miss NAF, visit this page, you'll be instantly transferred on my mind. Find me there <3 https://www.facebook.com/dontnohow2nameit.blogspot.gr
Hint #1: For once again thaaank you everyone for the support.
Hint #2 for"nasty" minds*: This page is not here to replace NAF.

NAF Facebook Page: Girl in Fashion - Street Style, Outfit Ideas


OOTD: Prints & Leather

This weekend, one of my best friends came back to town. (so happy to see her again <3). In the end, I begged her to take some photos of me for my blog and that's why we visited this beautiful park in the center of the city. I'm not used to that photoshoot-for-blog thing, I don't know what I'm doing and with soo much people being around, oh my GOD, soo ashamed to "pose" in the middle of the crowd. We took looots of pictures but most of them were deleted. These are considered to be the "best" ones but they aren't even "good enough". Anywayy, at least I hope you like those few :)
I'm wearing..
Shirt and Sunglasses:

Jean Vest: Bershka
Leather Pants: Stradivarius
Necklace: Gift from my man
Backpack: Accessorize
Shoes and Belt: Zara
Rings: Vintage
Watch: Belibasakis (local store)


4 smart, worthy investments.

During my research online, Ι've seen unique stuff but also specific key items that almost everyone has. Down below, check out some of the items that, bloggers, celebrieties and everyday fashionistas show weakness, this season.

1. Crop Tops: Keep calm and carry on wearing crop tops. Last Summer there was a huge invasion in our closets of that kind of blouse. This trend now, much more advanced, came, adapted and is here to stay for the rest of the winter. Fur, leather, cotton, wool, a huge variety of textures, fabrics, prints, lengths is available for you to chose depending on your style and the occasion.

2. Gold Jewelry: Nothing is sexier than wearing lots of delicate gold jewelry combined together. Little elegant rings can make your fingers look longer and prettier. Gold in your style adds class.

3. Parka: If you want to purchase an outerwear, PARKA is the word ^^.. if you don't have one already. That kind of jacket is amaazing. It can keep you warm during the chilly days, stylish all the way, and it's pretty usefull since you can wear it all day long.

4. Black Zara Sandals: I've noticed and counted three pair of shoes that blogger are obsseced with. I'm sure you all have seen them before. They are so simple and elegant at the same moment. I would say, at least one of those pairs should have  its own place in every girl's closet.