Regarding blazers.

Blazers can take the whole outfit to a new other level, more advanced, chic and classy or even harsh, rock and 'nasty' , when they are mixed up with the right accessories of course. You can  wear those everyday, wherever you go, in special occasions and events or even school and a walk downtown. As far as I'm concerned, blazers are magical, you can do whatever you want with them if you mix them up right, dress up and down! So, here's some of my ideas .. :D

Short or longer, with buttons or not, sometimes with delicate details, 'one-coloured' blazers could work as a palette for you that. Add accessories and other clothes with prints and be glamorous!!
 Just like these girls, for example!

For a more edgy look, there are awesome studded blazers!!

For the "romantics" there are blazers with floral or other prints and blazers in unique pastel colours like mint, pastel pink or ivory.

I looove this one!!

and this onee!! :D

And last but not least, above them all and a  "must-have" in every woman's closet must be a
Black blazer..
Huge, loose and comfy with gold details.
Love this outfit and the Chanel baaaag!!
Or something like that. Shorter and more feminine, delicate and classy, with which you can create a navy look by mixing it up -simply- with a striped blouse.That's all :)


Close up

Me again, not a picture for a fashion blog, you can't see any of the clothes, just the top (Zara) and a little bit of my backpack (Accessorize) You will see these again. The necklace is a gift from Mr. K* :D . Just me :) in the dark I don't even know where am I (y)

So, hii!! :D


cutie pie

cutie pie

Converse retro shoes
$68 - republic.co.uk

Madewell knapsack bag

$16 - zalando.be

River Island bow jewelry
$6.37 - riverisland.com

That outfit is totally ''me''. Pastel colors, some accessories and a backpack. So comfy. I love these colors, they're relaxing and cute. I could wear them all summer long :) (at least next summer, since September is ''on'')




Fullcircle black dress
$70 - psyche.co.uk

little black dress

This polyvire thing is a dream ** so I made another collage, an outfit with just the basics, the LBD, a blazer, a pair of elegant high heels and a clutch. I would probably add dot tights like these (oasis-stores.com) and some accessories to go to an important event. :)



A walk to remember.

a walk to remember

I was told by some friends about Polyvore.com and it's really reallyy coool. You can pick and mix up a huge variety of clothes and create your own outfits regarding your own personal sense of style, you can check the prices and do a search on the market and soo many other stuff. I'm so excited, I had no idea that such a thing existed xD. Well hellooo, I'm sure most of you guys know it since I've seen it in a lot of blogs and I was thinking ''how do they do thaat? xD'', I mean all these collages, WOW. I think I'm a little embarassed . Anyway, now that I'm an everyday user I'll join you dreamers and fashionistas. So, that is my first outfit, for an everyday walk downtown during the summer!! Just comfy and romantic !!



Let's name it.

I tried to find some pictures of me until I buy a proper camera that I want, to take photos with greaaat quality that worth to be seen by you , my little angels! They are pretty old, since they're taken back at Christmas (a walk downtown with 2 of my besties B* and E*), and I wasn't really sure about this -posting pictures- thing but whaat the heck ^^.. I just couldn't wait anymore to start posting my outfits and I think that this post will be some kind of motivation to me to begin sharing my personal style with you guys (finally) soo .. Hiii people!! This is mee!!

I may look like this ..
or this ..

.. in the second picture :D
but I swear I'm better than that
.. (at least Ithink so xD )
and in the third photo I'm with E*!!

So, that's mee and I'm wearing ..

Blazer: Stradivarius
Blouse: Zara (can't even see it)
Scarf: Handmade
Shoes: Exe bought from Tsakiris Mallas
Trousers: Zara
Backpack: Accessorize

kisskiss <3