Finally on Instagram.

Heeello to you my lovely follower or visitor. BIG NEWS (at least for me :D). I always loved that whole idea of Instagram, since I thought I could share a little more stuff about me, my life and my thoughts with the people I love, or people with almost the same interests (which I don't like doing on facebook or other social media). I couldn't create an account because I didn't have an android phone. Anyway, this is my profile, check it out or even follow if you want to. I just created it so I haven't posted a lot of stuff. It will be for sure more often updated than naf blog, so if I'm gone again for a little while and you're worried about me, visit my Instagram account and you'll know the reason. Stay tuned, outfit post is on the way, in a little while. Untiiil then, take care <3


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