Latest Fashion Trends - Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

This Autumn and Winter you won't get bored. You'll be able to be sexy with leather, chic with fur and lace, tomboy-ish with loose/comfortable clothes and oversized-shoulders outerwears. There is a huge variety of differents styles that you can opt regardeing your taste. Take a glance down below for the hottest fashion trends of this season, just to remain stylish.
1Safari-Military Trend: If you're planning to go on safari or you just love those military "touches" in your style, you're in luck. For another year in row the safari trend remains in fashion, apparently women love it and they fairly do as they look more attractive. The main colors are chaki, beige, brown, every shade of green and some earthy ones, while shirts, jeans, panama hats, parkas and accessories are some pieces that you'll need for this look.

2. Grunge Trend: Mixing a little punk, a little bit of rock and some heavy metal is the idea of that trend. Main colors are the dark ones (especially black and red) and some of the fabrics and the textures are leather and latex. A lot of bloggers, celebrities and simple everyday women are fans and great supporters of that style.

3. Tomboy Trend: This clothing style is inspired by men's line, the only difference now is that the colthes have exactly the ammount of  feminine-touch that they should, to to grace women with the appropriate femininity. You'll proably know it already since all those previous years this was mentioned as the androgynous style. Blazers, vests, shirts, and loose lines are those pieces that should not be burried in your closet.

4. Black & White: Two basic colors which make your style more chic and smart and that's the reason why they're always in fashion. Total white and total black looks will be seen a lot this year. Dresses, suits or playsuits in all fabrics and textures are perfect in the morning at the office or even in the evening for a drink.

5. Leather: If' you're still wondering what to wear to feel ultimatelly sexy, just stop. Leather is here to stay for another year. You can look elegant, smart, sexy which all add confidence. This season, there is a bigger diversity regarding the colors but in addition to that classic ones, there are now some leather pieces with one kind of a "reptile skin" texture.

6. Metallic Trend: Clothes  This season includes a lot of clothing which main property is to  shine. Apart from the classic ones, gold and silver, there is a bigger variety of shades of the color pallet such as the gleaming blue or purple. We've already seen this trend in its "light version", in previous seasons, on shoes or skirts mix and matched with basic pieces of a wardrobe for a safer look. But this year, it's time to shine!

7. Oversized Shoulders Trend: If there is a body part that is highlighted this winter, then this is the shoulders. Huge variety or jackets and coats or any other outerwear, this season, have this style. This season it's all about oversized!

8. Animal Prints: Animal Prints is an issue thar remains in fashion for a couple of seasons. These are clothes that awaken wild instincts of the jungle and wildlife. The leopard, the zebra, the tiger, etc. are the best inspirations for that trend.

Tartan & Stripes Trend: We are refered to clothes with geometrical prints, stripes, plaid, tartan pallets, etc. Many designers clothes showed strong preference for these clothes for this season. The colors of the prints vary but the common/classics are red, black, blue or various shades of green.

10. Fur, Mohair & Broadtail: Furs are a lot of women's favorite outerwear. It's perfect for those cold nights, while it also adds class to your style. Mohair trend became famous in the 80's and now is back. Also an alternative idea, instead of fur, that could be offered, since winter coats and "heavy" fabrics are *honored*, is Broadtail.

11. Youth Prints & Bold Colors: We are refered to clothes with various prints which are primarily aimed at revitalizing and stimulating youth. Bright and vivid colors grace women and emphasize their femininity, in a unique way. Catwalks where full of colors this season. Red, green, mustard, blue, etc. are just some of the vibrant colors that you can chose to make a dynamic appearance.



Miroslava Duma

If you're interested in fashion and you're about to do some further reasearch on style icons, you'll probably "come up against" with a specific chic, unique, petite woman,  Miroslava Duma. She's known as a fashion icon internationally. She's everywhere since she's been photographed by famous photographers and bloggers from all over the world. Duma is the founder of Buro 24/7 and has also worked as an editos for Harper's Bazaar Russia and as a writer for numerous publications such as OK Magazine and Glamour. Her style is unique. She manages to mix and match prints, colors and textures so easily and in the end she has a stunning outcome, as you can see from every single outfit of her. Dresses, suits, huge outerwears, chic high heels and platforms, shirts, collars and a huge variety of amazing accessories are some "features" of her style. This woman is and idol!


Flat and tall

You either love them or hate them. And then there is me as always, when at first I hate something and then I love it. I'm talking about that lovely kind of shoe that invaded, out of the blue into our lives those one or two last seasons, the flatforms. Sneakers, espandrilles and sandals are now, to a whole new other *literally higher*  level. They add bonus of style to your outfit and they  grace your feet with some more inches which are beautifully offered. Well, Summer just ended and that's when flatforms caught my eye, so I'm more concered and interested in sandals. I'm not exactly a fan yet, I only like just a few pairs that I've seen and all of them are either in metallic shades or in earthy colors. I'll show you exactly what I mean. :)

So if you want to make a fashion statement, you go straight up for flatforms. There are many different styles, colors, textures and 'heights' in the market. You chose according to your style. If they are pretty high, I don't think that they flatter the leg, since they are pretty thick, not to mention heavy. I like those which are high like 1-3 cm and I found a Jeffrey Campbell pair which I loove and let's hope I'll make them mine in the future. Oh and Campbell's latest collection is such amazing as the previous ones, from that little that I've seen. Have a nice day! :)



Those Summer Room Nights

There is pretty much one club that we love in my city. Last year and all those previous years (that I was too young and not allowed to go out at night) there were so many different amazing clubs and bars, but now there are not even 5 good ones. Anyway this whole summer we went nowhere else but ROOM109 (that's the name of the club). It's a quite small club in contrast to others and it's also near by the seaside.We actually had many friends that worked there for the Summer, so we couldn't help it but go there. *Yeah like we were forced to go.* ~NOWAY. At some point I was obsessed with that club, its parties and its people. I wanted to go there at least 2 or 3 days in a row every freaking week. Well I study at the university here in my town and I was used to going there, but when my friends came back from the other cities where they study for our Summer break, for new adventures and experiences and I was continuously wanting to go there, after a while, of course they were bored. (weeell IIII don't judge you, so here's is my public apologies :3) Thaaank you for your understanding to this madness and sorry for being such a pain in the ass regarging that kind of stuff. LOVE YOU &  MISS YOU..kisskiss<3


Summer in Greece

Summer vacation for me, would be perfect only in one place on earth! -Where else? -Greece. I'm born and raised in Greece and maybe that's a big factor but apart from that, Greece can provide anything that a human being needs in their vacation. Of course I'm talking about those countless small or big islands that anyone can chose according to that type of vacation they want to spend. That incomparable vastness of blue and this wild beauty of nature can make you feel that you own the world (I'm writting while having Santorini on my mind). Anyway, let's get down to earth again. So, I spent 4 days with my best friends and their families in a beautiful island called Karpathos. I had been there before, when I was a little kid. I didn't remembered that much, but I had left only one thing on my mind from this trip, boredom. So only by having the idea of it, I was not happy. Want it or not, I went there and I still thank God I did. Well people, when you grow up  you learn to appreciate some things or you watch them from different angle and now I realise that. Anyway, maybe karpathos hasn't that much of a nightlife, but it has the rest of a typical Greek island. You'd probably go there to relax, spend some time with yourself or your partner and forget all of your problems for a while. Oh and one of the things that I changed my mind for Karpathos is the amazing beaches! See for yourselves.. (I have links for you in the last pictures)OH! and HAVE A NICE MONTH!

at Apella

Sister at Ahata Beach
Random cute little puppies <3
fro-yo addiction continues..
Happy Feet at Apella
at Kura Panagia Beach
at Lefkos
at Ahata
at Ahata Beach
at Apella
at Apella Beach
 at Lefkos Beach

Kasos Island next to Karpathos

<3 Diafani, Karpathos