Today came with some changes..

Today I went downtown for some window shopping. Of course I stopped by the local store of Zara and found amazing things for once agaaain (btw I came to the conclusion that it's probably one of my favorite stores to shop, since most of my clothes are from Zara  and I loove everything in there). Some cute high-waisted shorts and a really cool pair of plimsolls caught my eye, but generally everything was amazing.There were so many colors and patterns, just perfect for me and my summer wardrobe. Anyway when I got home a sudden wave of boredom hit me but unfortunately for my laptop and you my lovelies, web camera was there for me, so I took  hundreds of pictures again (every time that I'm left with a camera, this happens). Btw I changed the decoration a little bit and for once again the title of this poor blog and named it ..Not another Flog.. (aka Fashion + Blog = Flog) yeah genius, I know haha :D <3 Take a look of my outfit for today.

I'm wearing..
Shorts: Zara
Frederick's of Hollywood, from eBay
Jean Vest: Bershka
Earrings: Accessorize
 gift from my man (.KK.)



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