Do it like Dita and the others ..

Retro fashion is a clothing style which reminds you of the past. Some vintage accessories and clothes that bring back memories of one or two or even more decades back in time. Many people who "support" this style tend to use those vintage pieces in combination with current clothing and fashion trends to make it more "up to date". High-waisted pants, skirts and generally anyhting that highlights a woman's thin waist and long legs, or dresses, outerwears, cropped pants and skirts that reach on top of the knee or below it, headbands, pearls and other accessories like hats, are some of the retro style characteristics. Of course you'll know it's not only the outfit. Makeup and hairstyling is also pretty important for the retro-fashionistas. Those heavily-lined eyes and tha bright red lips, or those ponytais and these different pompadours are quite memorable. By the way, some of the celebrities that beautifully represent that style is of course Dita Von Teese, Taylor Swift, Eva Mendes, maybe Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel and so many other ordinary girls. :)

 lovely Zooey Deschanel :D

Beautiful Diane Kruger
Katy Perry
amazing retro style from Eva Mendes
an other great "supporter" of the retro style, Taylor Swift.

retro catwalk..
A M A Z I N G Keira Knightley
also Lana del Rey
Beautiful items to create this look. Take some ideas :D

So, what do you think of it? Have you tried it? Would you try it for once or even adjust it to your personal style?



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