First DIY shorts.

 I'm extreeemely excited since today I finished my first handmade cloth. Some days ago, my aunt gave to me some fabrics that she wouldn't need or use and I thought that this would be a great chance to start start sewing some real clothing properly. Anyway, I decided to sew a pair of high waisted shorts, so I took my measurments and  my tools, searched all around the internet to find any sewing technic that I coud use by hand (since I haven't any sewing machine.. YET :3 ) and that's it. It's not made professionally or perfect but at least it looks like a pair of shorts and only by this fact I'm supersuperSUPER happy :D  voilà <3

P.S I'm wearing my shorts with my Frederick's of Hollywood bustier from eBay and my Zara belt and sorry for the quality of the pictures once again.



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