Gym-mo-maniac alert

Although the sun is shining like it's Summer all year in Greece, the "official" Summer is almost one month away and everyone is panicking. OH! please PANIC, I say to myself every once in a while since I am one of those who feel like a jelly fish all the way but do nothing because everyone else is comforting them just by saying, "oh stop it you, you look fine", "oh look at me or her or  him they're in a much worse condition and do nothing", "eat something you're gonna be skinny or have anorexia" and stuff like that but HEY~ it's always gonna be someone better or someone worse than you. Everyone knows themselves and should do what's best for them or what makes them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own body. And since when eating healthy food and being energetic instead of a couch potato, is bad and is going to cause eating disordes. That's so harsh to say. Anorexia is a really bad condiotion that has been occured from a long abcense of anything eatable and so many other severe factors. Many peope are struggling to get out of this situation and finally recover, while others don't even make it. Well, I've lost almost 18-19 lbs (8-9kg) in 2 years. Two years is such a long time for losing such a small amount of lbs, totally in a healthy way. And I've been told that thing about being skinny and having anorexia (even if it's for a joke, which is not) a lot of times recently. AAAnyway now, I'm 1,69m and 123 lbs and as I know I have a healthy weight but I really want to get a toned body for summer (who doesn't), to make that little jelly in my stomach and the love handles go awaaay foreveeeer. So I searched all around the internet and found some inspiration, to keep me moving and not quiting :D . My super  summer body is officially in progress and noone is gonna stop me from achieving this. Also instead of saving some inspiring pictures on my computer I posted them on a tumlbr page, to watch them everyday and who knows, I may inspire other people to start their trial, too. I had created that tumblr page a while ago to post pictures associated with fashion and style and beauty and that kind of stuff but I posted nothing since I decided to create this blog. But I had a title and it was ~till u drop~ ( I meant shop till you drop) but now i left it as it is since I found it perfect for my fitspiration blog (aka. train as hard as you can, it'll pay off later and that pain will have a beautifu gain).
 So that's my tumblr page, visit if you want, I hope it helps you and inspires you as much as it helps me. :D If you're in the same situation, DON'T GIVE UP and wish you the beeest. <3
Let's hit that GYM


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