Every day is a Summer day.

Everyday is a sunny day here in Greece. Although, summer isn't officialy here, most of the peope have already taken the chance to go to the beach and "taste" a little bit of what summer tastes. :D And so did my friend and I, during the Easter holidays. We went to a local beach which is a little bit more distant and clean from the others. It was awesome, the water was pretty cold but the sun was amazing. Anyway for once again, as a "tan freak", the target is to be as tanned as I can and of course more tanned than last year and more tanned than eveer and generally tanned. I haven't really bought any sunscreen or other creams for protecting my self from the sun. The only thing that I was concerned to buy (since I crave for it since last summer) was one of those Carroten goodies (this one) which looks like marmalade or merenda or something like that, just a little bit more solid (don't judge me I compare everything with chocolate), which is an intense exotic tanning gel as it says. I haven't tried it yet but we'll see. Last year I got the gold shimmer tanning gel from the same line and I was really pleased with it, so I wanted to try and the rest of them. Anyway, take a look of some pictures at the beach.
Thiiiiis giiiirl is on fiiiiiiiireeeeee
oh hello world
Converced legs



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