Sneak Peek - Creations

Hey guys, I took some goofy pictures of me in front of the mirror just to show you some of my latest creations. I wanted to show them to you as I wear them on a day/night out but I couldn't wait to do all those OOTDs. The quality of the pictures is not so good, since I took them with my cell phone but aanyway, take a look. Hope you like them :)

1. Black leather pencil skirt
2. Navy pencil dress with deep "V" neck.
3. Baby pink chiffon shirt.
Currently I'm working on some other clothes. Check them out down below. I hope you like them :D
1. Grey-dark green Blazer coat.
2. Baby blue pencil skirt.
3. Grey pencil skirt.
4. Navy velvet skater skirt.
5. Placing some sparkling details on my grandma's black skirt
6. Purple loose high waisted pants.
7. Black leather skater skirt for V*.


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