Liebster award.

Soo excited for my nomination  for the Liebster award. I didn't even know that there was such a thing. Anyway, I'm pretty much blogging for 4 years but not that often, so I don't really have lots of followers. This fact helped, since only blogs with less than 200 followers have the opportunity to be nominated. Let me explain. Well, every blogger who has been nominated for that award is given 11 question to answer from the person who nominated them. In return they nominate blogs and then also give them their own 11 questions to answer. All this situation serves as a form of promotion, exposure for the bloggers and their small blogs have the chance to grow and be known. Are you ready? Check out my answers to FASHION FREEDOM's questions.

1. Why do you blog?
4 years ago, I was totally a different person, from what I'm now. I mean I was -exactly-word-by-word- a tomboy with no sense of style, so I don't really remember what I was thinking and why I started. I guess I wanted to change. Today, I'm obsessed with fashion, I want to share my ideas, my thoughts, my creations. I want to inspire people or even help some by telling my experiences and stories.

2. If you can be anyone who would you be?
I like me. Sure, I would like my more if I wasn't that shy and was more sociable (definitely need that last one), had my own money and home but HEY who's perfect? and everything will find somehow its way.

3. Where is your dream place to?
I have never been abroad but I want to visit every big city like New York, Paris, Milan, London etc. As for my beautiful Greece, Santorini is one of a kind.

4. What is your favorite color?
Definitely blue and all its shades, baby blue, royal blue, navy ..

5. What type of blogs do you follow?
On blogger, only fashion blogs and maybe 2 or 3 girls from my city who write about their thoughts, experiences, feelings, music and stuff like that. On tumblr only fitness blogs.

6. Describe yourself with two words?
Oh that's difficult. I'm difficult.Here are 2 "good". I'd go for funny and kind, maybe. I mean, I'd hang out with me if I was a different person. III'm oookay. At least I think so..or I hooope so.. :D
And if you want two "bad", I'd say shy with new people (really-shy, almost-antisocial-shy) and that person who takes everything to heart, I don't know if there is a word for that, but I mean, I take every situation soo seriously and overthink it, and BOOM emotional again (not in a drama queen way) and most of the times it's even not my fault or problem. I wish I could by more careless.

7. What is your favorite post that you have blogged and why?
Probably "Insanity Overload". I have other posts with more views and comments and stuff but naah, I enjoyed so much that day with my girls and I also got the chance to show you for the first time, one of my handmade clothes, that black fur vest.

8. Do you prefer mobile or computer blogging?
I have Samsung Omnia 2, it's pretty old, and not that fast and also why would I like to tire my eyes with that little screen, when I have a computer? Definitely computer.

9. Are you a Facebook or instagrammer?
I love that whole idea of Instagram but I can't have it, since my mobile isn't Android. I'm soo not-a-technology-person. Anyway, Facebook works for me.

10. What is your full name?
If you purchase any of my handmade clothes, you'll see it in the label. :3 muahah

Talking much? I knooow, I hope my long answers didn't bore you.

Now, the 11 fellow bloggers from my list, that I randomly pick and nominate aaaare: (drum roll please)
1. I only know that...
2. Morning Blush
3. SamanthaLusts
4. So many reasons to smile
5. +The Punx Of Fashion+
8. .
10. Sexy Stylish Love
11. Beeline Beauty

Here are my 11 questions for you my ladies:
1. When and why did you start blogging?
2. What makes a blogger a good one?
3. What's your favourite clothng brand?
4. Say two little facts about yourself.
5. If you had the chance to live wherever you want, where would it be?
6. Do you have any celebrity style icons and who?
7. Say 2 things that you want to happen or achieve in 2014.
8. Describe what would you wear on a night out? (You have to be really beautiful-your ultimate-your best-your #1 outfit)
9. What 3 things should every closet include?
10. Where do you get your inspiration from? (person, everyday life, online sitess..)
11. What is your favourite motto, that keeps you going.

Thaat's all, I look forward to reading your answers :D Good luuck <3


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