Insanity overload

I occasionally do things like that but this time I thougt, who does those things(?) and yes we are insane. Me and my other four best girls had nothing planned for Friday. That same day, D* got her driving licence and since she had her birthday some days later, she decided to invite us home to celebrate. We talked, we ate, we sang, we took pictures, another girl came over, we played Trivial Persuit and time was running, until we decided to meet up with some other friends in a local club in the center of the city at around 4a.m. Two of the girls had planned to go shopping on Saturday morning and as we left the club at around 6a.m, we all decided to stay downtown, waiting for the stores to open at 9a.m. We sat in a 24/7 cafe, ate, drunk our coffee, laughed so much but then again we enjoyed the silence of the city as well. As the sun was rising and that natural light was soo beautiful, I went a walk with R* and she took some pictures of me, again with that stupid 5MPcamera of my mobile phone. Time had passed, the stores had opened and we were about to do what we were waiting for those last few hours. Sales were on, we all tried on a lot of clothes and finally got back home and slept at around 1p.m. I also found some great pieces that I hope I'll manage to purchase. (I will show you in a future post with January's wishlist)
D*'s home
Me and my girls.
Some more friends.
This beautiful city.
Last picture : Gorgeous as always.
Awkward face but I couldn't help it, love the background.
Thaanks to myyy favourite ginger girl, my photographer. That was probably the first time I had that feeling of being a blogger and posing and thinking about the background and the light and all those factors that should be in mind in order to take a good picture. Youu helped me on thaat. I enjoyed that whole "process" soo much and all that gave me inspiratioon and courage, not to give up on that poor blog and to carry on posting more often and doing more OOTD posts. Miss you already και τα λέμε όταν ανέβω, αν ποτέ ανέβω, αν ποτέ βρώ δουλειά ή λεφτά ή ίσως κερδίσω κάπου, κάτι. νναι ^^ <3
I'm wearing..
Grey t-shirt, military shirt & black leather jacket:

Black fur vest: designed & sewed by me
Necklace: Gift from my manClutch bag: Stradivarius
Shoes: Timberland alike from Mortoglou (local store)
Over the knee Socks: Tally Weijl
Watch: Belibasakis (local store)
D*'s Lip pencil by MAC #Nightmoth.

Oh and if you like any of my handmade clothes like the fur est in this post, you can contact me, since I'm trying to create -in some way- an online store, but that will happen in the future :)  Maybe next year, anayway you'll know it. Now I'm just swing with orders, if anyone who knows my job, asks me to. :D


  1. Lots of photos! Sounds like a fun time with your friends :)

  2. Loooooove the vest you made, you're very talented! My heart dropped a little when I saw you made it yourself, it'd gorgeous!

    Samantha at Nashbag


  3. Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες ! Τόσο ωραίες! Ντάξει, το γιλέκο το αγαπησα! <3 Αλλά και το όλο outfit!! xx

  4. Nice blog and nice pics so i follow you :)



  5. Looks like you had fun with your friends! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Followed you on bloglovin' and GFC :)

    Olivia Yuen
    Morning Blush Blog

  6. I actually adore your blog very nice pictures and style I especially love this Post. Pieces I definitely wear. Since I like your blog so much i have nominated you for the lobster award. I do not know if you have been nominated before or if you want to take part but go to my blog and read my latest post to take part of it :).

  7. καταρχην τι κουλα που εισαι..τελεια τα μαλλια...υπεροχες φωτογραφιες...το γιλεκο πραγματικα πολυ ομορφο και σου παει...

  8. Τι ωραίο outfit!!!Μόνη σου το έφτιαξες το γιλέκοοο???ααα,θέλω και γωωω!!!χεχε!!
    Πολύ όμορφο blog!! :D

    1. Ευχαριστωω και ναιι :D
      Εεεε να σου στείλω ένα, haha!!
      Βασικά χωρίς πλάκα, είναι πανέυκολο και βγήκε φθηνό σε σχέση με διάφορα που είχα δει στην αγορά, όντως μπορώ να σου στείλω ένα άμα θες :D ό,τι θέλεις, στείλε μου να σου πώ λεπτομέρειες!!

  9. Καλέ μόνη σου το έκανες το γιλέκο; Θα συμφωνήσω με την Ευαγγελία, θέλω και εγώ!
    Πολύ ωραίο outfit και φαίνεται πως περάσατε τέλεια!
    Μόλις έγινα μέλος στο blog:)

    1. Ευχαριστώ Βάσωωω <3
      Και ναιι, για πρώτη προσπάθεια, ωγήκε αρκετά καλό. Άμα σου αρέσει τόσο πολύ δες, όπως είπα και της Ευαγγελίας από πάνω!! :D

  10. Κούκλα!
    Μα και εσύ Ηράκλειο!?
    Πολλά φιλιά συντοπίτισσα <3

    1. Μα ναιι, τώραα ξαναμπήκα στο blog σου και το είδα. Μπορεί να σε πετύχω πουθενά!! :D
      Φιλάκιαα <3

  11. Dear Elena, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I'll be following you on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook and I'll be so happy if you do the same!
    Dolce Kisses ♥


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