January wishlist

January is almost over but my wishlist wasn't over. I did some window shopping, and since sales are on, I have to buy some basic stuff, that I don't have. Check out my picks :)
1. Disco Pants from Tally Weijl

1. I find those pants pretty cool and I was craaving one almost one year now, so I had to make it mine. It's already in my wordrobe and I got so excited since I took it only for 10 Euros. :D
2. I loved its quality and color, soo soft and vivid <3 10 Euros for that, too.
3. I don't have a simple basic blaxk crop top and I found that at Stradvarius only for 4 Euros, so why not?
4. I'd seen a blazer like that at Zara last year for 50 Euros and I didn't take it, I prefered to take a clasic leather jacket instead (50Euros too). I wanted both but didn't have the money, so I chose the leather jacket. I was soo mad for not taking that blazer, it was exactly what I had in mind , a little bit loose and comfortable, just like a boyfriend blazer. I was searching one like that for a long time since most stores have that kind of blazers that are closer to the body especially in the waist area, I find those too formal and maybe lawyer-ish. Anyway, now I found that one at Stradivarius, pretty loose, so I can wear it everyday. Let's hope I get that one.
5. I'm wearing that lip pencil on my "Insanity Overload" post, it was my friend's and I just tried it on. I got so many compliments on that, so I decided to take it.
6. Anoother thing that I'm craving since Summer is Flatform Trainers, (and if I couldn't find any, maybe plimsolls or Vans would be good, too). And I found those at ASOS, soooo excited, it's exactly what I want :D. Let's hope I get that, too.
7. I was goind around like crazy to find a sequin top to wear for New Year's Eve and I could find any. But now, spotted at Zara, I'm have to make that piece of glam, miine.
8. I would say a white knitwear is basic. I don't have one, and I found lots at Stradivarius, so why not? They all cost from 10 to 20 Euros. That one for 16 Euros would work for me.
Leeet's hope I find some money and purchase some of those goodies, before they're sold out. So thaa'ts my January craving wishlist. Until my next post, taaake caree and smiilee :)


  1. Άργησα λίγο αλλά επιτέλους έγινα κι εγώ μέλος στο μπλογκ σου το οποίο είναι τέλειο στην απλότητά του!! Λατρεψα που ηταν ολα ασπρα μαυρα κι πέταξες και το μουσταρδί, το οποίο θέλω να το αποκτήσω!!!!! Όπως και το blazer!!!
    Φιλάκια, Μπέτυ

  2. Nice post!!

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin,facebook, gfc and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know!! :)

  3. Nice post:) Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog.

  4. I love the black sequin top from Zara! I like your style, you have some nice pics!



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