Christmas is all around.

Heyy everybody, I left you wondering in the end of my last post about what's in that box and most of you guessed right. It's the Chriistmaas tree and the rest of the decorations. It's probably too late, but I really want to show you how festive and awesome is our home those blessing days, I love it. :D But first, I want to wish you each and one of you a HAAAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a lots of shots of health, happiness, laugh, love, new experiences, new people or anything else that could make you smile. :) Oh and as this is my first post of 2014, I must inform you that in my resolutions list of 2014 is including "blogging more". I allowed myself to start from the very beginning, since I don't want to give promises that I can't keep. I said I will blog AT LEAST once a week, and that's soo rediculous and in contrast with my head, since I want to blog 4 or 5 times every week. Anyway, we will all see how that will go. Soo, take a look of the pictures. Btw I took them with my 5MP mobile phone camera and eeveryy picture which is about to be posted on this blog will be with that camera, until I get a proper one. What kind of blogger am I, without even a camera? Doon't ask.
Traditional Greek recipes for Christmas, Melomakarona and Kourabiedes.
Quick view of the Dining Room.
Some other spots of home :)


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