Valentine's Day

Just an other typical Thursday, just an other day of 2013. NO! Not for the lovers, not for those in love, or those who find it as an opportunity to share their feelings and love with someone special. Not for the florists, the patisseries, the jewellery shops or any other store that includes cute / fluffy / wanna-bite-or-strangle / soft / lovely teddy bears or pillows saying "I love you", or anything heart-shaped, and generally anything associated with roses or choclate and red colour. I don't really believe in this day, actually my opinion is pretty controversial. If you really love someone you shouldn't wait that day to show them, it's just one day of the year. Why can't we share our feelings everyday? It's so much better to buy a present or give something valuable and special for you to someone and totally surprise them, on an unexpected day rather than buy something that day. It's so predictable. I don't like this, especially those last few years that it's only about particular big companies earning money. Anyway, we can still see it from an other point of view. You can still buy a little something just because it's an annual worldwide celebration, or simply do something different that will bring you and your dear together :) (make dinner at home / have dinner at a restaurant / have a picnic / stay at home watch movies and play around...) So, this year on Valentine's Day, .KK.* and I had dinner at a local restaurant. It was AWESSSOMEEE, so beautiful, since he hadn't seen each other on a couple of days and we were soo pleased to finally meet and had so much to tell, share some news, laugh our heads off, gossip, tease each other, "make fun of" other people around us (outfits and hair) (y) eeeverytime doing this-like we are the best or something xD haha anyway.. but seriouslllyy it was like they were daring and provoking you for commenting..  :O we saw outfits for the red carpet, for the gym, for the royal wedding, some pink PINK piiink for Barbie's new movie, while the waitresses were suffering from some silly hats and decorations on their head  and uniform falling at every step, and all that in the same restaurant. haha Pretty awesome, hah? :) The only thing that I can reassure you is that nothing was left unsaid.
Well .. the scene was set .. the moon in position as the only spotlight .. and we, left under its light, taking the leading roles, starring at our own fairytale.
You're my special :) <3

Even the bread was heart-shaped!! O.o -.^ now, REEEAALLY ?
the BREAD? haha
 OH! Also we ordered grilled chicken with mustard and carbonara. I was afraid of coming up against a heart-shaped chicken  ..
And after finishing the dinner and joking around there was that..
ironic, maybe lame but sweet if it happens to you



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