Another ..interesting night :D! Some dear friends and I enjoyed Saturday night at a typical Greek tavern/restaurant downtown, called 50-50. The atmosphere was amazing, the place cozy -making you feel comfortable- and the music just perfect for me and my company. We talked, we laughed, we drunk, we ate, we drunk, we ate..we drunk ...we ate... vooiilaaa STUFFED again and dizzy again!! (that happens a lot lately-.-)!! Anyway, we sang and danced all night long, even though we ate like we were starving for years!! I had never felt this way before. So much wine and food and water and whatever-edible-got-that-night in my system, trying hardly to be fucking digested, while I was jumping around like a retarded seal/"dancing" with a permanent stupid smile on my face, trying to sing favourite Greek hits, and trying to breathe, since I wasn't able to do all those stuff at the same time, at that particular moment (end of the sentence) (Y). I have a couple of  pictures that were taken with my camera which later closed because it had no battery and the rest of the pictures are from an other girl's camera, so I won't be able to show you the rest of the night. In all of the pictures I'm with E* and they're taken while we were waiting for the food to come. Take a look of the collage that I made.

Here we are



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