snake & leopard on the same team

Another lazy Sunday, a little different from the others though. This time, I had to jump out of my pajamas and leave my "boredom-at-its-finest" mood at home. Finally, I was going to meet up with my beautiful .KK.* after a long period of time. Lately, he's been pretty busy with some important exams, actually he will keep being busy until May or June. Regarding his degrees, these exams will clarify the universities, from which  he can opt to attend the upcoming September. Let's hope for the best<3. Anyway, due to this situation, we don't really see each other but by the time we get together, we catch up and have a greeaat great time :) I love spending time with him, since he is the one who can make me feel better, smile or even sometimes make me laugh my heart out, when having a bad day, only by the first few minutes of our meeting. :D<3 Oh today also, I didn't take the bus, I walked downtown since it's only 15-20 minutes on foot from my house and apart form that *my summer body is in progress* YEAH that's right people. Anyway, this is what I wore this afternoon! :D

I'm wearing..
Shoes, Trousers and Bag: Zara
Sweater : Nasty Gal

.KK.'s Cardigan
: from a local store called 'La Pupa' 
Accessories: Accessorize



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