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From what I've seen and heard and you'll have probably noticed that disco pants/leggings are pretty much in fashion for quite a long time. Well , in this city where I live, there is no way to see any girl wearing those. I'm sure that most of the people -not to say in this whole country, since there are surprisingly beautiful and well-dressed girls with good taste- are soo afraid to wear whatever they like and express themselves, since noone does and if they take the risk, everyone else is looking like they just saw a UFO or something, so stupid and judgemental, especially if your wear shiny disco pants like you've just jumped out of a photoshoot with Bee Gees. How silly and since when taking risks or making a change and being different is a bad thing? Anyway, I'm really stuck with those pants and if I finally make up my mind, I'll buy one of the "easy colours", I mean black or navy that can be mixed and match pretty much with everything, from a simple top or shirt for dressing down, to a bustier or a statement tunics, heels etc. to dress up. I was thinking of  wearing it with some cute sweaters or laced and jean shirts, sipmle tops and cardigans, some Campbell Litas, canvas Vans shoes or loafers or even my shearling boots. You can wear them with everyything, thay are just leggings. There are also some more shiny than others, some with zippers or not, and many many colours. So, you choose regarding your sense of style, considering how you're ganna wear those and what outfits you want to create. Do you have any disco pants and how you wear them? :D <3
There is a huge variety of colours on the market and I've found amazing prices.
Sipmly and effortlessly well-dressed <3
Of course adding the right accessories you can rock your outfit or make it
girly or anything you want.



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