Let's try Youtube.

Helloo everyone. Well, let's get right to the point. Lately, I'm seriously thinking of starting to vlog. I'm really obsessed with youtube, I can literally watch videos all day long. If you know me, you'll know that I have a crazy relationship with my camera and my laptop, so why wouldn't I do something productive? That kind of stuff aren't really known in Greece yet and people sometimes can be a little prejudiced and waaalking around with a camera towards your face on the streets ~hmm~ that would be interesting. :D Anyway, I customzed my channel and it's ready, waiting for my first video (IIII'm soooo exciteeeed) :D I don't even know where to film, what to film, how to edit but anywayy I'll try and we'll see how it'll go :) Check it out my channel and don't forget to subscribeee if you want to!! I love yoouuu <3 <3


  1. Τέεεελεια!!Το σκέφτομαι πολυ και γω άσε!!έχω φάει τόσο κόλλημα με τα κανάλια άλλων,με τα βιντεάκια κλπ!!Ανυπομονώ να σε δώ!!χιχι!!
    Στα αγγλικά θα ναι??
    Καλή αρχήη!!

    1. Naii ase, sta agglika kiolas upotithetai alla tha dw twra, paw katefthian gia diethnh kariera egw. Lew na kanw ena na dw pws tha fainomai ama ntrepomai kai ti tha leww kai tha doumee :D Wraiaa arxise kai suu na ginoume polles. <3

    2. xaxa!!edaxei!!
      Stin arxi tha einai diskola alla meta tha sinithisoume mwre!!xaxa!


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