March Wishlist

If you know me well, you'll probably know that everytime I'm chilling with my laptop it almost crashes from all those open tabs with clothes. So I did a research on ASOS, forever21 and boohoo and chose some stuff that I'd normally like to purchase. Check them out and tell me what you think :D

I chose 1, 6 and 8 since lately I'm obsessed with everything that's high waisted or acid washed. I'm also into crop tops and that one (3) caught my eye with its bright color and the text which kinda describes my financials (Y). My flatform sneaker obsession continues (4) and all that "swag" mood made me choose that sporty tee and the hat <3 Moreover, I don't own a red dress which I think every woman should have in their wordrobe. Btw according to men, the red dress is the "sexiest" thing that a woman could wear. I also need a new cosmetic bag since the own I have is too small and too used and last but not least I found those lace hipster panties which re adorable, there so many colors but I loved that mavy one. :)
P.s. sorry again for my absence, more posts are coming and you'll learn why I was gone. Until the next post, take careee <3


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