Those Summer Room Nights

There is pretty much one club that we love in my city. Last year and all those previous years (that I was too young and not allowed to go out at night) there were so many different amazing clubs and bars, but now there are not even 5 good ones. Anyway this whole summer we went nowhere else but ROOM109 (that's the name of the club). It's a quite small club in contrast to others and it's also near by the seaside.We actually had many friends that worked there for the Summer, so we couldn't help it but go there. *Yeah like we were forced to go.* ~NOWAY. At some point I was obsessed with that club, its parties and its people. I wanted to go there at least 2 or 3 days in a row every freaking week. Well I study at the university here in my town and I was used to going there, but when my friends came back from the other cities where they study for our Summer break, for new adventures and experiences and I was continuously wanting to go there, after a while, of course they were bored. (weeell IIII don't judge you, so here's is my public apologies :3) Thaaank you for your understanding to this madness and sorry for being such a pain in the ass regarging that kind of stuff. LOVE YOU &  MISS YOU..kisskiss<3


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