Miroslava Duma

If you're interested in fashion and you're about to do some further reasearch on style icons, you'll probably "come up against" with a specific chic, unique, petite woman,  Miroslava Duma. She's known as a fashion icon internationally. She's everywhere since she's been photographed by famous photographers and bloggers from all over the world. Duma is the founder of Buro 24/7 and has also worked as an editos for Harper's Bazaar Russia and as a writer for numerous publications such as OK Magazine and Glamour. Her style is unique. She manages to mix and match prints, colors and textures so easily and in the end she has a stunning outcome, as you can see from every single outfit of her. Dresses, suits, huge outerwears, chic high heels and platforms, shirts, collars and a huge variety of amazing accessories are some "features" of her style. This woman is and idol!



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