Summer in Greece

Summer vacation for me, would be perfect only in one place on earth! -Where else? -Greece. I'm born and raised in Greece and maybe that's a big factor but apart from that, Greece can provide anything that a human being needs in their vacation. Of course I'm talking about those countless small or big islands that anyone can chose according to that type of vacation they want to spend. That incomparable vastness of blue and this wild beauty of nature can make you feel that you own the world (I'm writting while having Santorini on my mind). Anyway, let's get down to earth again. So, I spent 4 days with my best friends and their families in a beautiful island called Karpathos. I had been there before, when I was a little kid. I didn't remembered that much, but I had left only one thing on my mind from this trip, boredom. So only by having the idea of it, I was not happy. Want it or not, I went there and I still thank God I did. Well people, when you grow up  you learn to appreciate some things or you watch them from different angle and now I realise that. Anyway, maybe karpathos hasn't that much of a nightlife, but it has the rest of a typical Greek island. You'd probably go there to relax, spend some time with yourself or your partner and forget all of your problems for a while. Oh and one of the things that I changed my mind for Karpathos is the amazing beaches! See for yourselves.. (I have links for you in the last pictures)OH! and HAVE A NICE MONTH!

at Apella

Sister at Ahata Beach
Random cute little puppies <3
fro-yo addiction continues..
Happy Feet at Apella
at Kura Panagia Beach
at Lefkos
at Ahata
at Ahata Beach
at Apella
at Apella Beach
 at Lefkos Beach

Kasos Island next to Karpathos

<3 Diafani, Karpathos



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