Nasty Wishlist

I wasn't sure about the online shopping until I tried it. I still have doubts about the sizes and the reliability of some sites, so I shop only from well-known sites with a big amount of fans and shoppers which I trust. I've never purchased anything from Nasty Gal
and that brand is awesome, I want to buy everything :O . So, at that period of time, I'm stuck with it and I've done a small list of things that I want. Btw there is a huge sale there so all of the things that I want are pretty much for the summer. Apparently, summer '13 will be fantastic.
4. Braided Strap Platform - Lilac

1. I've been searching since last summer for a dress like that in local stores and when I found it, I had no money, and when I've found enough to buy it some days later, it wasn't there anymore. I think it's cute, romantic and perfect with tanned skin in the summer :)
2. I've always wanted high-waisted jeans and that's my opportunity. That's also a challenge for me, since I'd like to have ~eventually~ a flat stomach. ^^
3. Too cute to be true. It was given exactly the right name. I love it.
5. A simple grey tank, that I could wear with my high-rise jean and not only, or even above the lace bustier.
6. Last but not least at all. I'm in loove with that bustier. That's was the reason for shopping from Nasty Gal at first. I was searching for a bralet-thing to wear it with high waisted skirts or shorts and other stuff and that's the one. That lace, that bright white colour, so romantic and girly, looking innocent and sexy at the same time, and not sexy in that cheap or bitchy way of course. It will be great for me.

Apart from Nastyl Gal, I've found a pair of sunglasses on ebay and a pair of leopard loafers that I've seen at Zara (click here to see them --> SLIPPER LEOPARD)



  1. Ohh! Che belli!

    Me piace tanto tuo Blog..Ti aspeto da me..


  2. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :)
    You have a great blog as well - love the lilac shoes the most.

  3. Such a great wishlist!! I am so in love with the nude skirt and the beautiful shoes!! The colors are just perfect! Want them as well:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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