New Year's Eve

I'm "TOO late", I know and I'm so sorry for once again. OH! also.. HAPPY NEW YEAR, full of joy and happiness and health and fashion and all those blessings :D <3. Well lately, I've been busy enough and occupied with some important exams for University, and I will be till the end of this month. February, pleeease hurry up <3. Anyway, it's "too late" for posting some pictures of the night of New year's Eve, that I want to show you guys. Well, at home we say better later than never, so there you go. :D

Okey, that was probably the best night of my life, apart from the fact that in most of the pictures I'm doing again ~as I call it~
*the-duck-face-that-i'm-making-fun-of-other-people-doing-it*. I don't know what's wrong with me. I hated that face and now, everytime I see a camera pointed at me, BOOM there you go another stupid picture. SHIT! It's uncontrolable. Anyway, my dad was working that night, so my mom, my sister and I went to my bff's V* home, since they were having a huge party on, with family and some close friends and of course HUGE amounts of food (typical Greek feature). V* and I are together since kindergarten, as my sister and V*'s sister, too. So our families are really really close. After 2013 happily arrived, V* and I left for an other party that was waiting for us with some of our dearest friends, to one of the biggest clubs in town. We danced, we drunk and enjoyed that wonderful first night of 2013. That night will just be UNFORGETTABLE.Take a look. :)

R*, V*, E* and me
V*, R* and me, I scare people haha

Some more friends and an offensive finger xD sorry for that.

me and D* (you know her form previous posts)

more more friends

beautiful again :D
ending the night with this picture :)



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