Our Facebook page!

Hey guys, I just want to inform you that I created a fb page for our blog, so if you want you can join by liking it. I though that this would help in making this blog a little bit more famous and big. I posted most of the posts, for those who want to catch up!! :D For the rest of you just STAY TUNED, there are a lot of that I want to share with you!!
I invite you to know it by visiting here
https://www.facebook.com/dontnohow2nameit.blogspot.gr . It's open for everyone to post their blog, for the rest of us to visit and follow, or even share any of your ideas.  If you want to  ask something, you can do it by leaving a lovely comment or even contact me by email or facebook. I love it when you leave comments or sent me emails, since you give me courage to keep posting and make me super happy :D <3 Thanks in advance!! I looove you <3 xxx


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