Septum piercing.

All those years I was so negative about septum piercings. Every time I had thoughts of it, three things were crossing  automatically my mind (this, this and this). Then, fashionistas took it to a whole new other level and as a total fashion victim I was easily convinced. Apparently, it's all about the style, the outfit and the attitude. You can still look classy, if you're keeping it simple. It definitely looks cool and is a unique accessory that can add a little edge to your overall look. You can go big, small, outrageous or classic with it. Even celebrities went for it. Rihanna, Gaga, Kat Graham and so many others are taking their septum piercings in and out, when Zoë Kravitz, for whom the septum ring seems less a statement than an everyday accessory. If you're not really sure about your looks, afraid of the pain, the healing or having thoughts of any scars left, you could try for a day a fake one to see if you can rock this look or even ask for opinions, in case you're not that inclined. Do a research and decide. Would you give the look a shot?

I don't mean to offend any bull, any Fulani woman and their traditions, any emo and related aspects of fashion, culture, and behavior.


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