Men Street Style/Fashion.

I'm in love. Lately I'm obsessed with that kind of style for men. It could be a 20's revival or something or even some decades later since this style definitely brings the Mods to my mind. Mod was a 1960s British youth subculture. London-based stylish young men in the late 1950s, were termed modernists because they listened to modern jazz instead of rock (that era's breakthrough). Of course I could find them in a capital city or a big fashion mitropolis but that's unfair. That kind of men are hard to find especially in Greece. I mean I love my country and we all know ancient Greeks invented stuff, developed arts and science skills with their big minds but meeeh.. where did all those innovative minds go? We're living in the 21st century for the love of God, we just can't believe that masculinity is still measured in body hair, heavy chores and inches in panties. NOT EVERYONE, who wears suits, funky ties, holds a bag or any other accessorie, adds colour to their outfit, makes stylish combinations, enjoys fashion, or finds this whole process as a way of expressing themselves, IS GAY.  And after all, this is what I know of men style. At least in any pictures and documents that I have in mind of worldwide history, no great man was wearing ripped or skinny jeans, loose sweatpants, tank tops, and that swagger hats or whatever a modern man would choose to wear. Men were in suits. Today people believe that the more you care about your appearance the less you are of a man. Is that change of beliefs even possible? Aaa don't know.


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