Wet Look.

Five little steps

1) Finger comb a quater size blob of gel through dry hair (Do not brush in)
2) Clip hair on both sides
3) Blow Dry on Low
4) Finish with a few spritzes of glossing mist
5) Pair it up with a nice lipstick color and you're done.
So, I've watched that trend as years go by and I've never been a big fan and now it seems like it's again back in the game and I think I'm changing my mind about it. I've also seen lots of ladies at the streets of my hometown who "adjust" that look to their style and I'm pretty shocked. I thought that noone really cares about fashion, at this city, but HEY things are changing, surprisingly good. :D Anyway, you should know that by creating a wet look, your facial features and make up will be "in the lead", as all the hair is pulled back. This look can "disclose" your sexy and seductive self while you're giving your face the opportunity to shine. The Kardashian sisters and lots of other celebrities often choose that look on their red carpet appearances and most of them really know how to work it. Even if you have short hair like Emma Watson, you can attempt such a look, since it gives you extra points of style and class. Especially in the Summer, when you can't really bear with all that hot weather, wet look is highly recommended. Lets take a look and maybe get inspired :D 


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