Latest days' sneak peek to catch up.

If I was asked to describe this period of my life, the first "phrase" that crosses my mind is "life changing". I don't even recognise myself anymore,  I'm completely out of my comfort zone and I'm soo freaking pround of it. All this time I wasn't really doing anything with my life. Everyone else  was going out, living life to the fullest, meeting new people, doing crazy stuff and Y.O.L.O-ing around and I was thinking I will never be able to do that kind of stuff, and all that because of my stupid shyness and eternal insecurities. (like I'm a weirdo or I can't fit in for some reason).  All those negative thoughts kept me "locked" inside my home for almost two years, as a result I closed myself off, almost lost my friends since I wasn't going to our meetups or even if I was, I was so boring , just sitting on a chair, finding nothing funny, I wouldn't even take part in the discussions. I wasn't myself anymore. Anyway, that a long story that I shouldn't bore you with but I just want to tell you that everything is up to you and that you can't let your thoughts "crush" you. Say YES to more things, and don't be afraid, you have nothing to lose. The worst case scenario could be an interesting different experience that you'll gain a lesson from it or either remember it and laugh. I love my friend more than ever and I hope they do too, as they say all the time, they are happy to have me back and I believe them :D I could be called funny again, outgoing and social. I've met so many great people and lived so many things in such a little period of time. I'm an optimist now and I've concluded to that fact: little things in life could make us happy, a little honest chat with a friend, some time with the family, a hug, a compliment, a smile and nothing else should worry us, other than our health, everything else comes and goes. <3 I hope I didn't bore you with all that but I needed to make an excuse for my absence again. I promise you that more fashion posts are on the way and definitely more of my outfits and ideas, I'm just waiting my bestie and photographer R* (who is coming in a month or so) to take action. Stay tuned!


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