"Family" dinner.

We're almost everyday together for so many hours and we're never getting bored of each other. Inside jokes, stories, teasing and that bond between us, are some things that I enjoy the most about it. That's my friends, my second family. Well, last Monday was the perfect day to visit R's* cottage. It's the perfect place to be. A cute little lovely home, with a huge garden, so many trees and flowers, 2 dogs and all that not even 50 meters by the sea. My description is not even realistic. Imagine what I've said, only that it's 3 times better. Tommorrow we'll visit R* again since it's her name day and birthday and I'll take pictures just to show you its awesomeness (if that's even a word). Anyway, 2 cars, 12 people. We stopped by the market, got supplies and we were off to the cottage. And then all the magic happend. Delicious food, lovely company, good music and lots of laughing, well that's happiness my friend :D Until my neext post, you knowww I loveee you!!


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