Long hair, don't care, they say.

Last Summer was one of my favourites. I met new people, I went out a lot, I felt more comfortable with my self, became more confident and more independent. I cut my hair short for the first time, on the 3d of May 2010. Everyone was shocked but then they loved it, as much as I did. So that was my haircut for those last 3 years of my life until last year when I decided to let them grow, and I did so. Everyone was telling me to go cut them again but then again, when they grew to that level o the pictures above, they loved it. I knowww what I'm dooing 'daah', until last October when I cut them again. Whaaaaat was I thinking , why did I cut them, I didn't waant to. Anyway, now, 5 months later I'm letting them grow again, but I'll probably put some clip extensions in a little while, I can't wait again that long, I don't know, we'll see :)


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