Ways to wear ripped/thrifty jeans.

Ripped or thrifty jeans are totally in fashion this season. There are endless combinations and ideas for unique outifts. The only thing you'll have to do is that you've got to choose between skinny and oversized/boyfriend, depending on your sense of style. They can be worn with beasic items that everyone's got in their closet, or statement items for fashionistas and a stunning appearence. Combne it with your white fitting or oversized shirt, with a simple or a statement t-shirt, a cropped top, a blazer or a bomber jacket, with your sports shoes, flat ballerinas or even chic high heels, pretty much with everything you can imagine. Dress up or down, you can go for it during those cozy, autumn days if you want to create elegant outifits with some rock touches. It's basic, it's a must have, it's a key to create amazing stylish outfits. You can find it everywhere, so go get one if you don't have one already. Have fun, be creative and enjoy! :D

Even with a feminine top and the right styling,  ripped jeans can be absolutely chic.
Blazers, oversized shirts, bomber, leather or printed jackets and coats or any outerwear can change the whole look.
Wear it with your knitted sweater, heeled sandals, ankle boots or pumps.
You can also wear it with any other type of top that you want, a simple top, a shirt, a statement T-shirt, stripes, lace or other prints and also with any type of shoe such as sandals heeled or flat, sneakers, espadrilles, pumps, loafers, wedges and aaanything else.

Skinny ripped/thrifty jeans from Pinterest.


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