October Wishlist

New month, new needs. Searching the net around, I found some interesting stuff that I would like to own. I don't really get to purchase everything I see, crave and show you, since I'm trying my best not to be greedy especially regarding clothes and also, I want to save some money for a specific reason, that you'll probably be informed in a while :)
Check out some of the stuff that I found.

1. TOPSHOP - Backpack
2. MISSQUIDED - Laboni Strappy Wet Look Bralet
3. TOPSHOP - Soft V-Neck Cami

4. Nasty Gal - alva Chained Loafer (jeffrey Campbell)
5. Asos - Round Sunglasses With Metal Bridge Detail
6. Charlotte Russe - Pyramid Stud Skinny Belt
7. Asos - Rimmel London Kate Matte Lipstick .107
8. ROMWE -  "New York" Stitching Ink Blue Striped Cap

9. Asos - Asos Dino Flatform Trainers
10. Ebay - Thick Necklace Chain
11. Zara - Leather Sandal Bootie Heels
12. ROMWE - Crocodile Buckle Bag


  1. Hey,
    Great post, I love the shoes!
    How much were #4??


    -Demi x x x

    1. Thaaanks. 96,30 E from Nasty Gal, check out the link ( http://www.nastygal.com/product/alva-chained-loafer/_/searchString/alva%20Chained%20Loafer )



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