Regarding blazers.

Blazers can take the whole outfit to a new other level, more advanced, chic and classy or even harsh, rock and 'nasty' , when they are mixed up with the right accessories of course. You can  wear those everyday, wherever you go, in special occasions and events or even school and a walk downtown. As far as I'm concerned, blazers are magical, you can do whatever you want with them if you mix them up right, dress up and down! So, here's some of my ideas .. :D

Short or longer, with buttons or not, sometimes with delicate details, 'one-coloured' blazers could work as a palette for you that. Add accessories and other clothes with prints and be glamorous!!
 Just like these girls, for example!

For a more edgy look, there are awesome studded blazers!!

For the "romantics" there are blazers with floral or other prints and blazers in unique pastel colours like mint, pastel pink or ivory.

I looove this one!!

and this onee!! :D

And last but not least, above them all and a  "must-have" in every woman's closet must be a
Black blazer..
Huge, loose and comfy with gold details.
Love this outfit and the Chanel baaaag!!
Or something like that. Shorter and more feminine, delicate and classy, with which you can create a navy look by mixing it up -simply- with a striped blouse.That's all :)


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  2. Love your outfits, posts, and blogs! Come by and let's follow each other! Would love to do that:D xx

  3. Blazers are such an essential to a woman's closet. I'm very much into floral and the good ol boyfriend blazers :)

  4. very nice!!!!!you have a great blog!kisses!! :-)


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