A walk to remember.

a walk to remember

I was told by some friends about Polyvore.com and it's really reallyy coool. You can pick and mix up a huge variety of clothes and create your own outfits regarding your own personal sense of style, you can check the prices and do a search on the market and soo many other stuff. I'm so excited, I had no idea that such a thing existed xD. Well hellooo, I'm sure most of you guys know it since I've seen it in a lot of blogs and I was thinking ''how do they do thaat? xD'', I mean all these collages, WOW. I think I'm a little embarassed . Anyway, now that I'm an everyday user I'll join you dreamers and fashionistas. So, that is my first outfit, for an everyday walk downtown during the summer!! Just comfy and romantic !!


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  1. I love Polyvore!! Sometimes I spend hours on there just doing pretty sets!! :)

    p.s. Feel free to check out my fashion blog,
    if you have time! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog


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