Don't know what to wear outfit!

It's crazy cold outside and you have a birthday party to go. I don't know if you're thinking the same way as me, but everytime I'm about to go to a club or any other occasion that requires formal dressing I'm looking for formal dresses, crop tops/bustiers, shirts or any other kind of  thin fabric. I was so hopeless that I couldn't even pull an outfit together. I didn't want my brain freezed, so I grabbed my boyfriend's sweater, my favourite culotte, and a cozy scarf. I also wanted to wear my lovely fluffy sandals (you'll se in future post) but it was raining like cats and dogs and I made myself wear those "transformer boots" (as I call them) which I hate, but I guess every girl should own a pair. They've got your back giirl in any difficult situation!

I'm wearing:  Sweater/Bershka Men ,   Culotte/Fashion Mark,  Leather Jacket/Zara,  Scarf/Stradivarius,  Ankle Boots/local store (you can find them anywear).


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