Graduation Day. Heraklion.

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So my sister graduated. She's officially a Mathematician and I couldn't be prouder. Actually, this whole month was wonderful, as I spent it with my nearest and dearest. Lots of friends and family gatherings, meeting new people and so many events in such a small period of time made my life so so so exciting and now that I'm back to reality I miss that rush so much. I really want to write and share what I did these days when I was gone, because amazing things happened, I also have some pictures and also some stupid vlogs with my buddy V* but my laptop broke down, I can't edit anything but I'll try (as you can see from previous posts) and I don't even know if anyone wants to see this stuff, so excuse my hesitation. Anyways, until my next post take care my little mushrooms!!

Έμπλεξε με ψωνάρες ο γλυκούλης <3 #FAMILY



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